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Board of Directors


June Wiaz, President

June is now beginning her seventh year on New Leaf’s Board, having worked mostly in the areas of owner communications and community outreach on behalf of the Co-op. June’s professional career includes years in the environmental field but she made a switch some years ago and now principally works as a clinical dietitian with dialysis patients and developmentally disabled adults. June is also passionate about disease prevention through diet. In that regard, work on the New Leaf Market Co-op board is very satisfying. June enjoys biking, gardening, hiking, kayaking, cooking, reading and FaceTiming with her daughters in their spare moments. Oh, and being on the Board of New Leaf Market Co-op! She's honored once again to be serving in that capacity.

Dave Watson, Vice President

Passionate about small business and its possibilities to better meet the needs of a community, Dave Watson is now enjoying his third term as a Board member at New Leaf Market Co-op. He has a degree from East Carolina University and sold a profitable business in North Carolina to move to Florida in 1980. He has worked for small business, Homestead Imprinted Sportswear, since 1983. “New Leaf feels like home to me and stands out as something we share that is unique to Tallahassee.

Wendy Morgan, Secretary

My grandmother (1891-1983) influenced my life-long interest in diet and nutrition. As a child, I tagged along with her and my mother to one of the first health food grocery stores in Florida, called “Foods For Life,” in Orlando. My earliest memory is helping my grandmother pick vegetables from her garden. My mother was also an influence. My other early memory is of her baking whole wheat bread in a hot Florida kitchen. She taught me how to garden organically and how to compost kitchen scraps. Before the days of recycling, I remember her composting paper in layers under rich kitchen and garden scraps.

I planted my first vegetable garden when I was in high school. I have had a garden nearly every year since. The magic felt watching sweet peas climb the trellis by the carport has never left. It is the same magic I feel today when I pick oranges from my tree and choose a pumpkin from my garden. When I was a teenager, my next door neighbor taught me how to make hanging flower baskets and this spurred another life long interest planting flowers and creating beautiful landscapes.

I was part of a small group of people who started a co-op in Orlando called The Freestone Market in 1977. I valued the sense of community and friendship from being a member and still have friends I met there. In the beginning, it was a buying organization. We met once a week to receive our orders. After that, the market was given a room at the Unitarian Church and eventually was a storefront which sadly no longer exists.

I have been shopping at New Leaf Market Co-op since the early 80’s when my family moved to Cairo, Georgia. In the early 2000’s, I moved to Tallahassee. I recently retired from teaching school after 34 years in the classroom. I now serve as a part-time consultant for the visually impaired children in Grady, County. While teaching, I involved my students in school gardening and received grants to support gardening beautification projects.

I feel honored to serve as a board member at New Leaf Market. This gives me an opportunity to serve in an organization which values community and a commitment to healthy eating and living.

H. Hugh Boyter, Jr., Treasurer

I have been a Co-op member since moving to Tallahassee in 1979 while employed by the Division of Forestry. I transferred to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) in 1983, and subsequently retired in 2007. I served FWC as a wildlife management area planner and facilitator for citizen stakeholder input to wildlife land management. I am an advocate of democratic process and the use of consensus-building for making group decisions. I have been an organic gardener since 1973 when I was a student at the University of Georgia. I value food grown in a sustainable manner and I shop regularly at New Leaf Market Co-op where I buy products that do not contain nitrates/nitrites or hydrogenated fats. I support local organic commercial producers and our annual tour of local farms and growers. As a professional planner I feel the best strategic plans are dynamic, and are "owned" by those who must implement them. As a Director I advocate that all members participate in strategic planning for our organization and I would like for our business decisions to be strengthened by involving our interested stakeholders in the most effective ways possible. I think part of the responsibility for being certain we're on the right track belongs to a good Board of Directors who provide high-level, group-derived guidance without interfering with the day-to-day work routine carried out by a great professional staff.

Heidi Fox, Facilitator

I’ve been actively involved with New Leaf Market Co-op/Leon County Food co-op for over 25 years. I served on the Board in various capacities for about 10 years. I currently share facilitation responsibilities with Martha Weinstein. I enjoy working with the consensus process. It is amazing to see how easily decisions can be made when people are committed to the same vision and mission.

Sue Hansen, Director

I have lived here for 37 years, and after retiring from work as a speech pathologist and then a realtor, I find myself busier than ever.

I have been a Master Gardener for 5 years and have helped coordinate the construction of a vegetable garden at the Leon County Extension office on Paul Russell Road. All of the produce is donated to Second Harvest. This year I am chairman of my garden circle of the Tallahassee Garden Club. And I have taught a six-week course in sustainability.

As I read the vision and mission statements of New Leaf Market Co-op, I realized that they dovetail with my own goals and interests. A vegetarian since a trip to Europe in 2004, I am passionate about healthful produce and the preparation of delicious food. I keep my own sourdough and am an avid artisan baker, as well as home vegetable gardener. I am also passionate about raising public awareness of the importance of paying closer attention to the production, distribution and consumption of food. I think it is extremely important to support local organic farming, to make healthful food more available in schools and to lower income neighborhoods, and to reduce the amount of long distance trucking of food. I am passionate about these issues because I believe if we continue current practices, we are endangering our health, the health of our children and grandchildren, and the health of the planet.

Norma Skaggs, Director

I have been in Tallahassee since 1974 and a Co-op member for many years. Originally from Ohio, grew up in southern Ontario and moving to Venice, Florida in the 60's before coming to this area to attend college. I obtained a degree in horticulture from Lively Tech and worked at Native Nurseries for many years,  I am a strong advocate for organic gardening and local foods.  I believe in living simply and close to nature, recycling and reducing personal consumption, and giving back to the community. I am very excited about being a new member of the New Leaf Market Co-op Board of Directors and I’m honored to serve on the Board in promoting the mission of the Co-op.

Martha Weinstein, Facilitator

One never knows what part of their life will become a lifelong part of them. The common thread in my life for the 31 years I've lived in Tallahassee has been the Food Co-op and New Leaf Market Co-op. I've been a part of it, and it is a part of me. I started out as a weekly volunteer; then, for 6 years, I was a member of the collective that managed the Co-op; I've served on the board of directors; and now I am one of the board facilitators. My, how we've both grown during these years!

Thomas Lynch, Director

At home, I am a small-scale organic farmer living amongst mature pear trees, mature blueberry orchards, figs and mature citrus trees. I have a large raised-bed garden made out of logs and filled with soil for vegetables. I practice farming by hand, digging berms and swales with a shovel and moving soil with a wheelbarrow from my neighbor’s horses.

Years ago, I started vegetable gardens at several schools and preschools. I also built a vegetable garden at the local shelter. I was a founder of the Tallahassee Food Network (TFN) and a founder of Florida YES! (Youth Environment Sustainability). I am also serving on the Board of Directors with Damayan Garden Project.

Denise Brown, Director

The first time I shopped at "the Co-op" was in 1988. I was a 20-year-old college student who had just read Diet for a New America and suddenly realized I wanted to be a vegetarian. I just didn't yet have any idea how I would manage to eat for the rest of my life. Could I really make it without drive-thrus? Full of excitement and anxiety, I walked into the foreign world of the Co-op on Gaines Street to start sorting it out.

Twenty-six years later, I am still a vegetarian and a grateful co-op shopper. Today, I live in the Indianhead neighborhood with my partner Steve (an omnivorous wildlife biologist who is also a longtime NLM member), and we find ourselves at New Leaf nearly every day. We love the store, the deli(!), and the amazing staff.  Moreover, we love the community-based power of the co-op model and New Leaf’s commitment to core, outward-looking values that make me feel great about every dollar I spend there.

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