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The Co-op is expanding and opening a second store in Bannerman Crossing at the intersection of Thomasville Road and Bannerman Road. Learn more here.

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Becoming an owner is a win-win situation. For an one-time investment of $100, plus $5 admin fee, you become part owner of the Co-op with benefits like owner-only sales, discounts on the seminar program, voting rights and when the store makes a profit, a portion is returned to owners in the form of patronage rebate checks. Plus, your equity investment is fully refundable! There's nothing to lose and everything to gain from joining the Co-op family.

Owner Benefits
  • Owner Deals sales
  • An investment in your community
  • Discounts on classes & seminars
  • Discounts at select area businesses
  • Save 10% off whole case purchases
  • Voting rights—one owner = one vote
  • Owner Appreciation discount opportunities
  • The more you spend, the more you get! If New Leaf Market Co-op makes a profit, a percentage of the owner-generated profit will be returned to you based on your annual purchases. Learn more about patronage rebates!
  • Value saving coupons

Should you move or discontinue shopping at the Co-op, you may request a refund of your equity investment, within guidelines established by the Co-op’s Board of Directors.

Owner Loan Program

Download PDFInvest in your co-op with an owner loan. Natural food cooperatives use owner loans to provide additional owner funding for the costs of starting a co-op, expanding an existing site or, in our case, opening a second store in Bannerman Crossing.

Owner loans, in addition to ownerships, provide a demonstration of community support for New Leaf Market Co-op and are a major component of our fundraising efforts. The Owner Loan Program is not the only source of funds for New Leaf Market Co-op however, financial institutions and granting agencies regard owner loans as a true test of the support of the community for the Co-op.

For a second location, New Leaf Market Co-op needs funding for store design and construction, equipment, inventory, working capital and other initial start-up costs.

Our goal of $700,000 in owner loans will help leverage the senior debt funding needed to expand.

Owner Loan Terms

  • The Owner Loan Program is open to all New Leaf Market Co-op primary owners residing in the state of Florida.
  • Owners choosing to make loans negotiate with New Leaf Market Co-op for an interest rate of 0-2.5% for loans up to $10,000 and 0-3.5% for loans over $10,000. These interest rates reflect a basic premise of owner loans as an investment in the quality of life of the community rather than as financial growth investments. This is an important distinction as you consider loaning money to the Co-op.
  • Maturity dates on loans will be scheduled to coincide with the 4-, 5-, 6- or 7-year term negotiated by the owner.
  • Owner loans will be unsecured and will be subordinate to the claims of any creditors who hold a security interest in some or all of New Leaf Market Co-op assets.
  • Interest will be calculated from receipt of loan. Interest will be paid once a year beginning within 12 months of the store opening.
  • Loans are expected to range from a minimum of $1,000 to $50,000, with an average loan of $4,000.

Want to learn more? Download the brochure here or contact Finance Manager Benjamen Goldberg to request a full Owner Loan Information Packet.

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