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5 Questions With Pamela Sheard, Co-op Store Manager


At New Leaf, we believe that providing fantastic customer service is only possible if we have equally fantastic employees. New faces quickly become family at the co-op and we are excited to announce the hire of our new Store Manager, Pamela Sheard. 

What is it about New Leaf that initially piqued your interest?

I read about the organization and about how it sells organic foods and that New Leaf buys from local owners. I love eating healthy and supporting the community I live in.

What has been your favorite thing thus far about working at New Leaf?

The environment is very intimate and the employees know about the products they sell.

Why should people shop at a co-op versus a big chain store?

You can come into the store and learn about products before you buy them because the employees are very knowledgeable; at most big chain stores most of the employees don’t know what they are selling.

How would you describe the store in one sentence?

The store is very welcoming and clean.

What are your favorite things to do (when you’re not a New Leaf, of course)?

I love spending time with my family and working out.


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