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General Manager's Report


By Larrane Hartridge

What a year we’ve had! If you missed the Annual Meeting, you missed hearing all about our staff’s wonderful accomplishments. Throughout the turmoil of expansion, hiring and training new staff and learning the idiosyncrasies of running a larger operation, our sales increased 17 percent over the previous year. Not to mention that the expansion was completed on time, under budget and the store had a profitable year. Kudos to all of our wonderful employees and customers who made all of this possible.

Word of our successful expansion traveled quickly in the co-op world. The store manager from Good Foods Co-op in Lexington, Kentucky spend a few days with us learning what he could about phased construction. He was so impressed with our operation that he sent his produce manager to train with our Produce Manager, Jonathan Manning. The produce manager from GreenStar Co-op in Ithaca, New York also attended the training. It’s just wonderful to exchange ideas with like-minded folks and to assist other co-ops along the way.

Help Us Protect Your Co-op
I would like to ask your assistance with an issue that has become a real problem for us. We recently had a rash of theft involving goods being stolen with our re-useable bags. Our bags were being used while shopping, and once filled with goods the thief marched out the door undetected. Luckily for us, we captured a photo of the thief and it’s now in the hands of the Tallahassee Police Department. We have quite a few owners who have the habit of shopping with re-useable bags instead of shopping baskets or carts. This makes it extremely difficult for our staff to monitor theft in our store. Please help us by using shopping baskets or carts while shopping and refrain from using your re-useable bags until bagging your groceries at the registers. Help us protect your co-op!


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