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Dear NLM Owners & Patrons


By Chuck Hungerford

New Leaf Market’s annual owner meeting was another informative and enjoyable venture this year. The music was as great as the food and drink, and the company that enjoyed them. Owners received a summary of past and proposed future activities by the Board of Directors and an annual report by our very capable and appreciated General Manager, Larrane Hartridge. Cristin Burns, marketing and project manager, provided an overview and update of the store’s expansion, and Denise Tansey introduced this year’s winners of the Matthew Tansey and Bryce Buchanan scholarships.

While many topics were discussed, they all shared a common underlying theme: NLM has great staff—and by staff I include the front end, grocery, deli/kitchen, produce, wellness, maintenance, human resources, IT, accounting, marketing, merchandising, other administrative support staff and management.

Over the last 10 years or so, NLM has grown in the number of owners, volume in sales, and increased contributions to an expanding list of organizations and institutions that make up our community. We are able to accomplish these things because of the people that work for our co-op. Their efficiency and loyalty generate the additional resources that enable the co-op to grow. Their professionalism and service-friendly demeanor are recognized and appreciated by both existing owners and first-time shoppers alike. In all likelihood, our staff is one of the main reasons for shoppers to become owners and for owners to continue shopping with us.

It is noteworthy that our staff has continued to function efficiently, effectively, and with good spirits during our store expansion. Even amidst all the noise and confusion, they have convinced shoppers to become owners and have turned shifting aisles of produce and wellness products into exciting and rewarding treasure hunts.

Thank you for another year of great work!

Chuck Hungerford
Board President


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