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2008 Election Results


By Joshua Youngblood

The results are in! After the conclusion of voting on July 6, the election committee—Board members Joshua Youngblood and June Wiaz and long-time owner Pat Seery—convened to tabulate the results. The Board is very grateful that once again, Pat Seery was gracious enough to serve as the non-board representative of the ownership. Using an owner roster, the group sorted ballots and tallied results.

A total of 112 ballots were cast this year, a significant increase from the 62 total ballots cast last year. Of these, four were determined to be associate owners and were excluded, and 26 ballots were improperly submitted—without owner name or number to verify status. The remaining 82 ballots were determined to be valid and were tallied.

Although there were no surprises regarding the election of board members since none of the open seats were contested, each of the four candidates was strongly confirmed by the ownership. Congratulations to our new and returning board members Maria Cobian, Madelon Horwich, Jeanette Reed, and Jim Terrell!

All proposed by-law changes were passed with overwhelming majorities. Proposed changes to Section 1.5 (changed our fiscal end year) received 71 yes votes and eight no votes. Section 4.4 (removed limits to Board terms) received 64 yeses and 13 nos; and Section 4.10 (addressed the terms of appointed Board members) received 67 yeses and 10 nos.

Thanks again to Pat Seery for helping out, and to Cristin Burns, Greg Terrell, and the rest of the management team for their assistance in carrying out this year’s election and counting. Thanks also goes out to all of the New Leaf Market owners that took advantage of their opportunity to participate in the governance of their co-op. It is your support and belief in the Co-op that makes New Leaf Market possible.


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