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$100,000 Returned To Our Owners


General Manager Larrane Hartridge (left) and Board President Jim Terrell (right) present Brian Hall, Sophia Hall and Jennifer Agabiti-Hall (middle) with first 2012-2013 patronage rebate check.

Natural Times, October/November/December 2013

Thanks to our staff, our owners and our customers, the 2012-2013 fiscal year was the most successful year in New Leaf Market Co-op’s 39 years in business. It was with great pride that we returned $100,000 in store profit back to our owners! This is the largest patronage rebate the Co-op has ever returned. Rebates checks ranged from less than a dollar up to $301!

Checks were mailed out September 23, 2013 for the fiscal year June 24, 2012 through June 29, 2013. If you believe you should have received a rebate check but have not, please contact Ben Goldberg at 850-942-2557 extension 239. If you joined after June 29, 2013, you will be eligible for rebate checks in 2014.


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