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We Have So Much


By Cristin Burns, Marketing Manager

November is one of my favorite times of the year. The anticipation of the upcoming holidays and weather, the seasonal foods that I crave year-round like pumpkin, and the parties with friends and family. Unfortunately, it is also New Leaf Market’s busiest time. And sometime we get wrapped up in the hustle and bustle and forget to say thank you.

We are thankful for the cooperative principles. These seven principles guide our path through the hard times and the good. They light the way when we get off course and remind us of why we are a cooperative.

We are thankful for our community. And it is a big one. We are so lucky to be supported by Tallahassee and the surrounding counties. We’re not just one store, we are one of many local businesses and organizations dedicated to making Tallahassee a great community in which to live, work and play.

We are thankful for our customers. We have the best customers EVER. They make us laugh, teach us, support us and yes, sometime make us cry. Some are our historians, having been loyal patrons since 1974. Others are newbies who bring new perspectives about cooperatives and natural foods and an enthusiasm that is infectious.

We are thankful for our employees. Our staff is a diverse group of people brought together by their love of food, local business, the cooperative business model or because they heard that the Co-op is a great place to work. They come together every day to make New Leaf Market what it is today. Without them, the co-op would just be an idea.

We wish you all a very happy Thanksgiving and upcoming holiday season.

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