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Do Your Ownership Duty This Year.... Vote (It’s Easy)!


By the Board’s Election Committee

New Leaf Market (NLM, your Cooperative) ownership requires very little of its owners. You can join, use Co-op deals to buy your healthy organic food and other good products, and go home. OR, you can get involved at some higher level that contributes additional benefits to your quality of life. Those of us who serve on your Board of Directors have learned this first hand. Our training and mentoring, provided by NLM and the National Cooperative Grocers’ Association, brings us to the realization of the value of Co-op ownership. One of our most important jobs as Directors is to help our fellow owners understand how our Co-op works.

This year we have four great candidates running to serve you as Board Directors: Maria Cobian (incumbent), Wendy Morgan, Madelon Horwich (incumbent) and Sue Hansen. These folks have taken time out of their lives to get involved in the workings of New Leaf Market at arguably the highest level available to owners. If elected, they will be a part of the ownership that oversees the general management methodology that makes or breaks the organization of which we are all a part. Even though we’re among the best Co-ops in the nation, such oversight is very important in this economic environment.

The time frame for casting your vote will begin on Saturday, October 8 at the end of our Annual Ownership meeting, and will end on Sunday October 23. Election results will be announced by the following Sunday, October 30, and the new Board members will begin serving after the October Board Meeting.

This year we will not be serving lunch as part of our Annual Ownership Meeting where many cast their votes for Board members. Sadly, the economy won’t allow it. However, we do want to see you all at Optimist Park in Indianhead Acres (10 am-noon) for this year’s Ownership Meeting. There will be some light refreshments as well as an interesting and informative program, plus the opportunity to vote. Please try to attend, and in doing so, show that you care for your Cooperative, and are interested in its economic welfare. Attendance also demonstrates your support for the people who work hard so that you can have the opportunity to shop at New Leaf Market….this includes our wonderful staff as well as those who volunteer their time to serve as your representatives.

Voting is one of the most important and easiest things you can do to demonstrate your enthusiasm as a New Leaf Market owner. So just do it (!), either at the ownership meeting, or by filling out a ballot in the store during the two weeks that follow. Be a part of the active supporters of New Leaf Market and feel good about yourself. Thanks in advance for that support!

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