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Annual Report June 2009-2010


As a cooperative, New Leaf Market owners elect the Board of Directors who, in turn, hire the general manager. While the Board stays removed from the operations of the store, they direct management with the Mission, Vision and Ends Statements, or goals of the Co-op. Annually, the general manager reports on how the store supports each Ends. What follows is a brief report of how New Leaf Market is supporting the Ends.

New Leaf Market creates healthy communities and a sustainable environment.

Ends Statement #1

Tallahassee and surrounding communities have access to food and products from local, natural, organic, cooperative, and fair labor suppliers.


  • NLM purchased from 161 local suppliers for a total of $2.5 million, an increase of close to $1 million over the previous year.
  • NLM used 78 local service companies for a total of $1 million.
  • NLM supported and promoted the Eat Local America! Challenge. The challenge asked customers to increase their consumption of local foods. Owner Jenn Bronson blogged (and still does) on behalf of New Leaf Market for the national site http://eatlocalamerica.coop/.
  • NLM supports and promotes the Lafayette Street Organic Growers’ Market held every Thursday, rain or shine, from 3-7 pm across the street from The Moon.
  • NLM organizes and promotes the Annual Farm Tour. The 2009 tour included 33 farms (up from nine the previous year), which opened their doors to the public. Over 2,500 people attended the tours to learn about local production.

Fair Trade

  • NLM purchased and sold 23 Fair Trade Certified brands.

Ends Statement #2

Interests and needs of cooperative owners are expressed in operation of a full-service store.

  • Over 600 new owners joined the Co-op.
  • Now offering more sales in the wellness, specialty, and meat departments.
  • The floral department was added.
  • Sales are communicated via sales flyers distributed in-store, inserted in the Tallahassee Democrat and Wakulla News, posted on the NLM website and Facebook page, and included in every e-newsletter.

Ends Statement #3

People are educated to make consumer choices with confidence.

  • Bi-weekly e-newsletters communicate sales information, store news, and community events to over 4,000 customers.
  • NLM’s Facebook page boasts over 2,500 fans. The page includes new item announcements, information about community events, reminders for seminars and store promotions, and product requests.
  • NLM presented 133 seminars, a 25% increase over the previous year.
  • NLM attended 42 community events.
  • NLM sponsored 80 community presentations, a 25% increase over the previous year.
  • NLM conducted in-house new employee orientations, supervisor trainings, and wellness product trainings.
  • Managers were sent to outside trainings.

Ends Statement #4

There is broader community awareness of cooperative principles including environmental considerations.

  • NLM offset 10% of its power by purchasing Renewable Energy Certificates.


  • NLM recycled metal & plastic through the City of Tallahassee pick-up program.
  • NLM took glass and paper to the recycling center.
  • NLM recycled 65 tons of cardboard.
  • NLM returned ink cartridges to the manufacturer to be recycled
  • NLM donated produce waste to local farmers for composting and chicken feed.
  • NLM recycled leftover newsletters and promotional items.
  • NLM encouraged the use of our recycled shopping bags by selling them for $0.99.

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