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Green Giving


By Bridget Kamke

If you are looking for gift ideas for friends and family, why not buy them at our co-op? New Leaf Market has many fun, natural and practical gift ideas, and they are quite affordable. Whatever your budget, check out the gifts in the $5, $10, and $15 ranges.

Here are some inexpensive choices:

  • Young and old will love the $0.97 all natural backscratcher.
  • Any eco-friendly person would love to clean house with $1.69 scrubby sponges with loofah on the scrubby side. There are many natural scrub brushes and sponges under $5.
  • For someone who loves to be in the kitchen, consider these stylish gifts: bamboo cooking utensil set in cylindrical holder $5.49, glass jars to store herbs and spices in various geometric shapes with gemlike colors $2.49, a Rooster kitchen towel $5.49, chopsticks for $2.99, or a tea infuser ball with handle for $3.29
  • A couple of practical gifts might be a wooden comb for $2, a New Leaf Market “brown bag” for $0.99, or the more colorful, compact Chico bags for $4.99.
  • Fun loving gifts in this range include a Down to Earth Ball Hacky Sack $3.27, or a catnip toy for your cat or cat-loving friend for $2.79.

Got a few more bucks to spend?

  • For the dog lover, a Red Rover rope tug or a dog chew toy, each for $6.49.
  • Your chef friend might enjoy a medium sushi plate made of bamboo for $8.99, a fruit knife in its own sheath (good for picnics or travel), also $8.99, or a mortar and pestle set starting at $10 ranging up to $15.
  • Is somebody into aromatherapy? A scent ball diffuser for the car or home goes for $10.99.

Here are some really nice things for around $15:

  • For the kitchen, try a larger bamboo sushi plate for $12.49, teacups for $12, bamboo cutting boards for $15.79, or a one-person teapot and cup set for $17.99.
  • Help friends and family keep track of their days with 2009 date books with spiritual themes for $15.99, or one of a huge array of recycled paper wall calendars for $13.99.

When you shop here you can feel good about keeping your money in the local economy and supporting our member-owned co-op.

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