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Fresh & Deli-cious!


By Carla Stubbs, Perishable Merchandising Manager

As I write this we are nearing the end of our final phase of construction and we are preparing for big changes in the deli. However, as you read this, construction has been completed, we have opened the new space, and you are experiencing these changes.

While we may not immediately have everything in place and running as smoothly as we would like, here is what I expect you are (or will soon be) experiencing:

Behind our new service counter, Dorothy, Kristi, Krysten, and Virginia, along with a few new folks, are once again welcoming you to the New Leaf Market Deli. They’re offering up hot and cold made-to-order sandwiches, fresh juices, smoothies, coffee drinks and other hot beverages, along with deli meats sliced per your request.

Our cooks have filled the new salad bar with delicious, fresh organic vegetables. And you will find exciting new dishes on the hot bar. Plus, you can chose among four soups everyday. The new food bar is bigger, better and more beautiful and, as usual, we have vegan, vegetarian and meat options available to satisfy your dietary choices.

When in the grab ’n go area, look for all of your old favorites as well as new items. Folks in the kitchen have prepared and packaged soups, salads, dips and spreads, entrees, desserts, and pre-made sandwiches. If meat is on your menu, but you don’t want the bother of cooking and cleaning up behind it, check out our rotisserie meats. We’re expecting to work up to a full line including chicken, beef, and pork with a variety of marinades.

We are very excited to have the space to show off the talents of Ken, our lead baker, and Monica, who moved from the service counter to the position of baker’s assistant. They regularly come up with new enticing goodies. You won’t be able to pass up the fabulous selection of fresh baked goods from cookies, pies and cakes, to breads, muffins and pastries.

We invite you to the new New Leaf Market Deli. Come in and sample our goods, make your selections, and eat in our bright new café or, if you prefer, take your food out. As always, we look forward to serving you.

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