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New Leaf Store-A Poem


Please enjoy the following poem written by elementary school student, Daniel Gauzilin, who generously shared it with us.

Come to New Leaf Store
I will give you a tour:
First the fresh fruit,
eat it, just not only in a nice suit–
it might get messy.
Next the deli,
come and fill your belly.
From cakes to pies and tea,
salads, meat, and honey from a bee.
Then the sweets section,
relax with confection.
They are very sweet but watch how many you eat!
After that ice cream,
it tastes very good–
taste it you should!
Very cold to eat,
have a seat.
Now if you didn’t freeze move to the spices,
it smells very good the spice,
in fact very nice.
the dogfood,
many kinds and brands,
get the kind that fills your mood.
Well, that’s the end,
Come to New Leaf Market today.

~Daniel Gauzilin

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