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Mother’s Day Memories


By Jennifer Bronson

Mother’s Day is a time to celebrate. It is a time for children, young and old, to show appreciation in small, or sometimes big ways for all their mothers have done for them. A lot of what mothers do is pushed aside in our busy lives but one day a year we all remember who they are and how much they have influenced our lives.

I called to ask my mom about her most memorable Mother’s Day and she said the best part of all of them has been having the three generations of women together, sometimes in really cool places. See, my grandmother’s birthday is always right before or after Mother’s Day. Our family has been celebrating her birthday in a big way for years by going to fun places like Highlands, North Carolina and St. Simon Island in Georgia. We all meet up and celebrate another year spent with her. This means that my mother, my grandmother, and I are all together for Mother’s Day and that is what my mom remembers most; the time we spent together.

Everyone remembers this day in their own way and here are just a few stories from people close to the New Leaf Market community.

“I remember being in first grade and making the ceramic handprints that all little kids make at school for their mothers. But this was before I knew that and before I understood why my mother would want an imprint of my seven-year-old hand. At the time all that mattered to me was that I was making art and that the cement felt squishy and that maybe I could wrap it like a “real” present and give it to my mother. I also remember that I wrote her a note with a red crayon, something like ‘I love you. Love, Kathryn.’ My mother exclaimed with excitement as she pulled it from the red tissue paper held tight by scotch tape. She kept it for years in her chest of mementos. On that same Mother’s Day my older sister gave her a sculpture of a mother holding the hands of her two children as they clung to her. Looking at it, it was easy to imagine them doing a familiar dance around their mother’s feet. I felt like the little girl in the sculpture tugging at my mother and flying away at the same time. I felt the love of my mother and my love for her; eternal and playful.”—Kathryn Crigler

“One Mother’s Day, I took my mother, my aunt and my grandmother to a quaint little tea house. The place was originally a single-family home. Each tea room was decorated in varying pastels, and the bathroom walls were covered in jewels. The dining tables were draped in fine linens and topped with fresh flowers. We all wore floral dresses, ate tiny finger sandwiches brought out to us on triple-tiered trays set upon lacy doilies, and sipped fragrant herbal teas out of fine china that resembled family heirlooms. All three generations enjoyed the royal treatment.”—Adrien Aniceto

“The one Mother’s Day that stands out in my mind is the time that my two sons literally gave me a pile of...compost. That morning they brought home a whole truckload of mushroom compost for my vegetable and herb garden which provided fresh food for our table year round. It made me think that the true mother’s milk comes from mushroom compost!”—Margo Burke

“In 2007 my family surprised me on Mother’s Day with a beautiful, colorful necklace made of different and distinctive beads. My husband, mother-in-law, two daughters, son and future daughter-in-law all went to Quincie Hamby’s studio and chose a bead or two that each knew would have special meaning to me. That was the last Mother’s Day I shared with my beloved mother-in-law before her death six months later. When I wear those special beads I am always reminded of what a joy it is to be a mother and what a gift it is to be mothered.”—Ginny Burns

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