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General Manager’s Report


By Larrane Hartridge

Last month we were very fortunate to have nine members of the National Cooperative Grocers Association (NCGA) visit our store. They came to learn from our experience and to share their impressions about our accomplishments. Four of them had been here before and were amazed at the transformation. (For more information about our visitors see page 4.)

They spent one morning doing a store audit that covered everything from merchandising to customer service. Once completed, the visitors presented their results to the management team and the department managers. The managers were met with a standing ovation for all their accomplishments. I must admit I was almost moved to tears. Some of the NCGA delegation’s comments included: “New Leaf Market is a leader on the east coast,” “The store makes sense to shop in,” “The store is clean and well fronted,” “Produce is fantastic,” “The beer selection is awesome,” and “The staff has wonderful customer service skills!” I’m so proud and grateful to be working with such a wonderful group of people.

With the excitement of the NCGA visit behind us we are all gearing up to have a big 35th Anniversary Celebration on Saturday, May 23. Hope you all come out to celebrate and receive an additional 10 percent off! (For more information see page 13.)

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