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Your Co-op In The Community


Natural Times, July/August/September 2013

By Cristin Burns

Being a part of the local community is fundamental to being a co-op and New Leaf Market embraces this responsibility wholeheartedly. Our mission is to support and grow Tallahassee and the surrounding communities. How do we do this? Many, many ways, here are just a few.

Oak Ridge Elementary School

The Co-op’s partnership with Oak Ridge began several years ago. As a business partner, New Leaf Market donates goods, services and provides volunteers for their Winter Carnival and Field Day. In May, two deli employees, James and Eric, joined the team of co-op volunteers helping the kids enjoy races, obstacle courses and more. New Leaf Market’s new Employee Community Volunteer Program makes it easier for employees to volunteer by paying them up to eight hours a year for volunteer work. 

May We Take Your Pledge?

WFSU, our local public radio station, provides our community with fair, balanced news, entertainment and insights into our community. For this reason, New Leaf Market employees and volunteers loyally answer phones at each and every pledge drive.  Plus, the Co-op donates lunch for the volunteers and employees working the drive.

The Sharing Tree

The Sharing Tree is Tallahassee’s reusable resource center located in Railroad Square. Their mission to reuse items that would otherwise go to the landfill fits perfectly with New Leaf Market’s mission to, “emphasize [and educate] about environmentally responsible practices.” Over the years, the Co-op has donated office supplies, paper goods and miscellaneous items like parade float. New Leaf Market stepped it up a notch by donating cake and wine to The Sharing Tree’s recent Celebri-TREE fundraiser.

Monticello Watermelon Parade

In addition to the Springtime Tallahassee Parade, New Leaf Market takes its parade awesomeness to Monticello every June. With the advent of the Farm Tour, the Co-op has focused its attention on the Monticello community and the many farms in the area. Attending the Watermelon Festival is one way of showing that despite the distance, New Leaf Market cares.

Apalachicola Riverkeeper

You may remember last summer when the store was covered in paper fish. The fish represented donations to the SweetWater Brewing Save the Apalach fundraiser. New Leaf Market was thrilled to be the only grocery store to participate and was blown away by the response. Through donations at the register, T-shirt sales and a special beer tasting, the Co-op raised $5,000 for the Apalachicola Riverkeeper. This year’s drive runs from July 4-23, 2013.

Second Harvest of the Big Bend

You see the annual fundraiser at the registers for Second Harvest of the Big Bend (we raised $10,000 in 2012), but what you don’t see are the out-of-date or damaged products that go to Second Harvest three times a week. As of May 31, 2013, the Co-op has donated more than 2,100 meals worth of food.


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