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President's Report


Natural Times, July/August/September 2013

By Jim Terrell

Hey guys,

Things are heating up in Tally and with the New Leaf Market Board. The Board met on May 4 for what we lovingly (or laughingly) called a “mini retreat.” This was a half-day planning session where we discussed the status of our committees and reviewed our self-imposed goals for the year. At the end of the session we found that several goals had been accomplished, and others were progressing according to plan. 

Each committee chair gave a report on what their group had accomplished, and what, if any, objectives remained unfulfilled. We spent a lot of time discussing elections and the New Leaf Market Community Fund, since these are the two areas where most of the Board’s energy is focused at this time. You will read more about these topics elsewhere in this issue.

In the vein of constant improvement, we discussed several issues like what it would take to create a state that was more co-op friendly. Our discussion gave us insight into better ways to serve as the representatives of the owners; and some of these insights will be used to help set the framework for future Board goals and activities. 

Whenever we have these provocative, free-wheeling discussions where we consider the importance of New Leaf Market in our community, I am refreshed and reminded how fortunate I am to have the privilege to represent our owners on the New Leaf Market Board. It is a special opportunity and one that has meant very much to me.

I hope you all have a wonderful summer and look forward to talking to you next issue.

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