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“KILLER KART” No carts were harmed in the making of this film.


Natural Times, July/August/September 2012

By Cristin Burns, Marketing Manager

Killer KartYou may have noticed the large trucks and bright lights at the Co-op back in April. FSU Film School students took over the store for six nights to film the Master Thesis film, “Killer Kart,” directed by J. Feeney.

As the title suggests, “Killer Kart” is a dark look at what can happen in your neighborhood grocery store. “In a single, horrifying night in a supermarket, five teen employees and one old, grizzled janitor battle a rogue shopping cart hell bent on killing all of them.” “I don’t think we’ve ever had so many screams come out of our freezer department before!” says Grocery Manager Robin Simoneaux. “The staff was really excited to be able to catch glimpses of filming.”

This is not the first time that New Leaf Market has been in the movies. The management is frequently approached for scenes requiring a grocery store, but “Killer Kart” is the first movie to take place entirely at the Co-op, which was a feat unto itself. The sales floor, stock room, back of the store and even coolers received the Hollywood treatment.

“It was definitely a juggling act trying to receive a truck while filming was going on, but everyone worked together and it all worked out,” says Simoneaux. “Being able to work with other Tallahassee groups and organizations is one of the aspects I like most about this job. It’s just really neat all the different things New Leaf Co-op is a part of…even if it is the home to a killer grocery cart.“

Want to see your beloved co-op on the big screen? You’re in luck. On Saturday, August 11 at 8:00 pm at The Student Life Cinema, at the Askew Student Life Center located at 942 Learning Way, "Killer Kart" along with six other Master Thesis films will be screened for the public. For details visit, www.newleafmarket.coop/events/ or FSU Film School.

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