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Co-op Invests in Energy Saving Lights


LED Lights Before and AftersNatural Times, July/August/September 2012

New Leaf Market’s future is a little bit brighter, literally. In early May, the Co-op replaced its existing 8’ lights with cutting edge LED lights manufactured by Cree. The new lights have many great features, one of which is a brighter, purer light that is more similar to sunshine. Areas like the bulk section and deli that have been dim for years, are now easier to navigate and reading signs and shelf tags is a breeze. But these lights are more than just pretty; they are super energy efficient.

The new Cree CS18 LED Linear lights have a lifetime of 75,000 hours and will provide New Leaf Market with 57 percent energy savings. Over the life of the lights, the co-op will save more than $28,000.

When approached by Cree to be a show room for the LED lights, General Manager Larrane Hartridge jumped at the chance. “We’ve wanted to address the brightness of the store for a while, these new LED lights were just what we’ve been waiting for. They offer more light, require significantly less energy and less maintenance.” It’s not often that environmental stewardship is easy, but for Larrane the decision was a no-brainer. “We couldn’t be happier with the final product,” says Larrane. “We hope our success will inspire more stores to embrace these energy efficient lights.”

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