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Sweet Ways to Beat the Heat


By Diane Bass, Graphic Designer & Marketing Assistant

It’s summer in Florida, and that means sweltering heat. It’s enough to zap your energy and make afternoons seem endless. One sure way to stop dreading 100 degree plus temperatures, is to stock your freezer with yummy simple desserts (no cooking required)!

Easy Banana Ice Cream

  • Freeze a peeled banana. Drop frozen banana into a blender or food processor and blend until smooth. Top with your favorite ice cream toppings, honey and peanut butter go especially well with this chilly treat. If you’re in a rush, cut the banana(s) into chunks for faster freezing.
  • You can use the same method with peaches too!

Frozen Yogurt

  • Pick your favorite yogurt, add a stick and freeze. If you have popsicle molds, you can spoon the yogurt into them. Or just pop open a single serve container, and use that as your mold. Find popsicle sticks or sturdy drinking straws at craft or party supply stores. For an extra cool (and eco-friendly) goodie, substitute the popsicle stick with a metal spoon.

Frozen Berry Smoothie

  • Blend yummy frozen berries (any variety you like) with light cream, add sugar to taste. Serve like ice cream, in cones, cups or, if you can’t wait, straight out of the mixing bowl. Top with mostly thawed berries for an added icy crunch.

Homemade Popsicles

  • In a small container (popsicle mold, cupcake pan, juice cup, etc.) pour any refreshing drink of choice. Add sticks and freeze. Juices are great for the kids. For a more discerning palate, freeze Arnold Palmer (ice tea and lemonade).
  • Try mixing Prosecco with fruit, for a decadent adult version. For the kiddies, replace Prosecco with sparkling cider or ginger ale.

Frozen Fruit Kabobs

  • Break out your skewers and load them up with fruits. Freeze and enjoy. Serve with yogurt as a dipping sauce, or top off with honey or chilled whipped cream.

Pomegranate Granita

  • Mix pomegranate, orange juice and sugar. Freeze and simply scrape with a fork to create shaved ice. Experiment with other fruit juice combinations to find your favorite flavor.

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