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President's Report


By Joshua Youngblood, Board President

Each summer brings changes to Tallahassee: the city heats up and we eat through our blueberries, then melons wherever we can find a cool spot; the high schools send new graduates out into the world; FSU, FAMU, and TCC restart their academic calendars; the legislators leave session to face their constituents again; and for many organizations and businesses like New Leaf Market, a new fiscal year begins. Change happens in little and big ways, and New Leaf Market strives to anticipate how best to keep the Co-op strong while fulfilling the expectations—and achieving the ideals—of the owners.

As the national and local economies continue to slowly rebound, the Co-op is not growing as fast as it has in past years. Even so, New Leaf Market is able to meet the needs of its owners and the Tallahassee community as well as it ever has. Through committee work and careful monitoring of the Co-op’s performance, as well as long-term planning, the Board is working to keep the Co-op both secure and prepared for what comes next. This year will bring significant changes on the Board of the Co-op, as four seats are up for re-election, including one that is currently vacant. Now is an excellent opportunity for owners to become more involved with the Co-op and help shape its future by serving on the Board of Directors.

Remaining responsive and adaptive is how the Co-op will remain a vital part of the community going into the future. Whatever changes happen to Tallahassee, whatever economic fortunes or woes come its way, we as co-op owners know that our community is better because of New Leaf Market. And that will never change.

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