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Alternative School Supply Drive


From August 1-14 we are collecting specific school supplies for Oak Ridge Elementary School.

You may not realize that school lists now include items like hand soap and paper towels in addition to markers, folders and pencils. Many students are unable to provide the items they need for the school year, which is where you come in.

Throughout the store, you will see “Donate Me” signs in front of products requested by Oak Ridge Elementary (see complete list below). To donate an item, simply take a donation slip(s) from in front of the product and hand it to your cashier. The item(s) you choose will be rung up on your transaction and donated to the school. Our goal is to collect 200 items over the two-week drive.

Since the beginning, New Leaf Market has been about giving back to the community—it’s in our mission, ends and the cooperative principles. Between donations of products and services, drives, and sponsorships we support a wide variety of organizations. One of our long-time partnerships is with Oak Ridge Elementary School.

Field Day Unscented Baby Wipes/Wet Wipes
Field Day Paper Towels 3 pk
Air Sense Air Freshener Spray
Facial Tissue 85 ct
Clean Well Antibacterial Hand Soap
Clean Well Foaming Hand Sanitizer

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