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Local Spotlight: KBH Farms


By Michele Hatton

I turned into Kathy and Bryant Harvard’s driveway, winding for a good half mile through a canopy of oaks and magnolia. Rain had followed me up Highway 319 all the way to Thomasville and then south, to their farm (KBH Farms), out Highway 19. I arrived as the sun was casting a foggy glow on a field of moist grasslands.

Kathy and Bryant raise grass-fed beef cattle here; their pecan orchard is just down the road. They reared their boys, now in their thirties and forties, on this land and Bryant’s father ran the farm before that. Theirs is a small operation, a quintessential family farm, selling grass-fed beef and pecans to only a handful of nearby stores.

“We want to work with nature, not against her,” says Kathy. Indeed, their animals graze in open pastureland with plenty of shade. No grain, feed antibiotics, growth hormones, or steroids are ever used.

I met the herd just as the drizzle returned. Curious, clear-eyed, with wet shiny noses, these cows had nursed from their moms until weaned (about six months) then moved on over to KBH Farms where they live a stress-free natural life. They even have a nanny of sorts, a cream-colored Texas longhorn, guiding them from place to place.

“Cow urine is so full of nitrogen! You can see the dark green spots all over the pasture,” says Bryant. Bryant Harvard spends much of his time managing the pasture, rotating cows from one delicious spot to another and allowing the urine and manure to nourish his lush grasses. “On at seven and off at three,” Bryant says, confusing me entirely. “Cut the grasses at seven inches high, but only down to three inches,” he explains. It’s a formula for capturing and retaining rainwater on the open land, and enables the grasses to recover quickly. “This was key to our survival during this drought we’ve had for the last four years,” he comments.

The health benefits of grass-fed beef are innumerable: less fat and less saturated fat than grain-fed beef, better balance of Omega 3 and Omega 6 (the good, heart-healthy fats), a healthy dose of CLA (conjugated linoleic acid that helps fight cancer), and more Vitamin E and beta carotene than grain-fed beef.

KBH sells one and two-pound packages of frozen ground beef. Their ground beef, however, is a mixture of all the primal cuts (steaks, roasts, rumps) ground together for a superb flavor! The secret is to cook it lightly. KBH also sells fresh succulent pecans from their orchard.

You can purchase their frozen ground beef packages and pecans at New Leaf Market or you can meet them in town for a drop off. Phone (229) 226-1357, e-mail harvardb@bellsouth.net.


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