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General Manager’s Report


By Larrane Hartridge

On May 23 we celebrated 35 years of service. We had a wonderful celebration serving over a 1,000 pieces of birthday cake along with 40 pints of ice cream. I have been involved with New Leaf Market for over 25 years now and it’s been a wonderful experience to see us evolve into what we are today. The store is busier than ever before. We’re seeing new faces everyday and many of them are joining the Co-op (just over 600 since January of this year).

Each day we receive requests for new products and we do our best to keep up with all of them. A few new items worth mentioning are: the Go Raw line of raw snacks and chocolate currently situated between bulk and produce; additional gluten-free products; a highly requested premier line of mineral makeup from Larénim; and Dr. Hauschka’s skin care. By the time you’re reading this our new all-natural sushi department will be in full swing. Look for sushi in front of the deli service case.

We are very happy with the rave reviews we have received about our expanded store. And we believe with a few final improvements that we can perfect the design. So plans are in the works to make a few changes. One area that we have not been happy with is the bulk foods section’s lack of lighting. We plan to re-arrange the shelving and add more lighting. By doing this we will be able to expand our produce section and offer some additional items. The other area of concern is our concrete floor. We will re-finish our floors in conjunction with the above changes starting some time in July. All of this should happen after hours with no disruption to service.

Finally, the newsletter will be undergoing some changes beginning in January 2010. In an effort to reduce paper, we will discontinue mailing newsletters to owners. We will continue to offer printed versions in the store and post a PDF on our website. Additionally, we will change from six issues a year to four. To fill in the gaps we will begin sending e-newsletters. Look for more information in the September/October newsletter.

Thank you all for supporting our co-op!


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