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Continuing The Tradition Of An Efficient Working Board


By The Election Committee

On Wednesday, July 15 and Thursday, July 23, your New Leaf Market Board of Directors will hold election forums. The purpose of these forums will be to introduce you to the four candidates nominated by the Election Committee and running for the three open seats on the NLM Board. Along with the Annual Meeting, this is your opportunity to get to know the candidates and issues and cast the kind of vote that will build on the recent successes we have all enjoyed at New Leaf Market. Both forums begin at 6:30 p.m. in the New Leaf Market meeting room (ask for assistance at customer service).

Saturday, August 22 marks the beginning of the 15-day election period for voting and coincides with the Annual Ownership Meeting. This year the meeting will be held at a new site—the Goodwood Museum and Gardens on Miccosukee Road in Tallahassee. During the meeting all of the candidates will have a chance to speak before the owners present. At the conclusion of the meeting, voting will begin. The last day to vote will be Sunday, September 6.

Three of the candidates have served New Leaf Market well and are running for re-election. Our forth candidate is an accountant who has experience serving on other boards. Financial oversight of the Co-op is of crucial importance, as are all of the policies the Board monitors for the ownership.

Please remember that only primary owners can vote. There is only one primary owner per family. While other family members may have an owner card and take advantage of the benefits of ownership, they are associate owners and cannot vote. If you are unsure which member of your family is the primary, customer service will be glad to help you.

In addition to being able to vote at the conclusion of the Annual Ownership Meeting, you can vote in person at New Leaf Market, or you may mail in your ballot. If mailed, it must be postmarked no later than September 6, the last day of the election period.

We appreciate the five percent or so of our owners who vote and urge all owners to participate. The more of us who vote, the more likely the outcome of the election will reflect the perspectives of the entire ownership. Here’s to the next three years being as productive as the last three!

Meet the 2009 Board of Director Candidates

Chuck Hungerford

Hello, New Leaf Market Owners. I am running for re-election to the NLM Board of Directors. I have been a member-owner of NLM since our store was located on Gaines Street, serving as member-worker (in repack) and later as a member and President of the Board.

In recent years, the Co-op has achieved some major operational and administrative accomplishments. We have expanded the size of the store with an accompanying expansion in offerings of organic produce and environmentally-friendly products (and wider aisles!). We have also implemented a living wage for NLM employees.

The primary role of the board in both of these instances, was to ensure that the plan designed and implemented by store management was not only financially feasible, but also advanced our Ends policies and were aligned with the International Cooperative Principles. I think that successful co-ops have successful boards, and successful boards require professional training in board governance, ongoing interactions with co-op owners and community representatives, and the ability to commit time and energy to both.

On your behalf, I would like to continue working on the board to articulate the long-range impact we want NLM to have made in our community at both the collective and individual levels and for residents and consumers alike. Thanks.

Candi Parker

New Leaf Market is a guiding light for our community and a shining star in the eastern corridor of cooperatives. We are fast becoming a model for other cooperatives to follow. That we are growing during an economic downturn lends confidence to my belief that New Leaf Market will be able to meet whatever challenge comes our way. I speak from the experience of serving on the Board for the past seven years. It has been a privilege and a way for me to serve my community.

I love our community here at New Leaf! The Co-op supports many of the issues I value and it promotes activities and organizations in our community that are important to me. I believe in the benefits and rewards that come from investing my time and money in a socially-responsible organization. We are each responsible for our actions and creating a sustainable, healthy environment in our lives and in the lives of each other. I see this responsibility reflected in all aspects of New Leaf Market. Our wonderful staff, our renovated store and our growing ownership are the results!

I am grateful to be a part of all this and I would like to continue to be of service to New Leaf as a board member if given the opportunity. I would appreciate your vote.

Paul Reynolds

I’ve been part of the Tallahassee community for almost six years. Before relocating here from Denver, Colorado, I didn’t consider whether there was a health food store in town. Fortunately, after making the move, I quickly spotted New Leaf Market. And, fortunately again, after the recent expansion, New Leaf Market is now an even better place to shop.

My experience over the past years with New Leaf Market has enhanced my appreciation for health food, health food stores, and the Co-op as an organization. Without New Leaf Market, I feel our community would be a slightly less desirable place to live. Therefore, I wish to give back to our community in an area that I value and contribute to the continued success of New Leaf Market.

I’m a CPA with over fifteen years experience in various accounting roles including CFO/controller positions, public accounting practice, and currently in government where I oversee the preparation of Florida’s annual financial report. I bring significant and relevant experience in the areas of accounting and finance.

A key role of a board member is to represent the interests of shareholders to ensure that their investment in an organization is used wisely. Although shareholders in New Leaf Market don’t “invest” for financial gain, they do have an interest in knowing that the organization is governed in accordance with their interests. I will continually seek to understand what you want from New Leaf Market so it will continue to be an organization that we all enjoy. I would appreciate your vote.

Joshua C. Youngblood

When I first ran for the Board three years ago I wanted to contribute however I could to the Co-op. Now, after watching the Co-op complete an expansion and witnessing how the management, staff, and owners dedicated themselves to making New Leaf stronger and better equipped to meet Tallahassee’s needs, I am excited about the possibility of helping New Leaf extend its horizons and prepare for its next 35 years.

While serving on the Board I have participated in several committees, including one seeking to understand the challenges facing local growers in North Florida, the Elections committee, and the Ends Policies committee. For the past year I have served as the Board Secretary-Treasurer and have devoted much of my Board work, through the Ends Committee, to visioning for the Co-op’s future as a source of positive and profound change in the Tallahassee area. New Leaf is now entering a period of economic change seen across the entire nation and finds itself in a good position as a cooperative to be an example of how a sound business with solid core principles will succeed.

I have lived in Tallahassee off and on since 2001, when I first came to FSU for grad school. In 2004, my wife, Teresa, and I decided to make Tallahassee our home, and I am currently working as an historian for the State Archives. I could say how fortunate we feel to live in a place with such a thriving co-op and wonderful source of healthy and natural products as New Leaf. But that may be disingenuous, since New Leaf is a huge part of what drew us back to Tallahassee in the first place. The health and environmental community in Tallahassee, of which New Leaf is such an integral part, combined with the area’s cultural diversity is what makes it the place we want to raise our boys, Woody and Fox.

New Leaf is a central piece of what makes Tallahassee a good place to live. As a Board member I believe that New Leaf should continue to strive to broaden the co-op community here even further and in so doing make Tallahassee healthier, greener, and more community-minded. We will show everyone living here, or thinking about living here—or even just looking up Tallahassee online—just how great it is to be part of a cooperative, especially ours. New Leaf improves the quality of life in this area while exemplifying how business can and should be done: more ethically and with a greater commitment to democratic principles and placing values over profits.

I am proud to be a New Leaf owner and to have had the great privilege to serve on the Board of Directors. I would relish the chance to help New Leaf as we prepare for the future and continue to spread cooperative principles and a belief in natural and organic products.


Each primary owner may vote in the election (one primary owner = one ballot).

There are three (3) openings on the Board, so you may vote for up to three (3) candidates.

Casting a Vote

Option 1: Vote at the Annual Ownership Meeting, which is being held on Saturday, August 22, 2009.

Option 2: You may return this ballot, or complete one in the store, between 8:00 am, Sunday, August 23 and 10:00 pm, Sunday, September 6, 2009.

Option 3: Mail the completed ballot to the following address:
BOD Election Committee
New Leaf Market
1235 Apalachee Parkway
Tallahassee, FL 32301-4543

Instructions for voting (these must be followed for your vote to be valid):

Step 1: Select up to three (3) board candidates by marking the box next to the candidate’s name. (If you make any changes, draw a line through the option you do not want).

Step 2: Place your completed ballot in an unmarked envelope.

Step 3: Place this envelope inside a second envelope and write your name, address and owner number on the outside of the second envelope. Seal the second envelope.

Step 4: Drop the sealed envelope into the ballot box at the service desk or mail to the address listed above.

Do not write your name or owner number on the ballot. If your name, address and owner number are not included on the outer envelope, your vote will be not be counted.

2009 Board Of Directors Ballot

Choose up to three (3) candidates.

Ballots must be placed in the ballot box no later than Sunday, September 6 or postmarked by September 6. Do not write your name or owner number on the ballot.

  1. Chuck Hungerford
  2. Paul Reynolds
  3. Candi Parker
  4. Joshua Youngblood


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