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Try it Raw!


By Jill Welch

I love decadent food! Luscious dark chocolate, fine red wine, butter, cream sauces, butter, did I say butter? It all floats my boat. I delight in the way decadence feels on my tongue, the tart and sweet flavors, the silky rich textures. It is immediate gratification, instantly I feel comfort, exquisite sensual pleasure. I close my eyes and feel the flavors deep in my past. I always love it and I always pay the price—I wake with puffy, glossy eyes, feeling groggy and drugged. It’s hard to get going. Over time I gain weight and start to look dull. I get mysterious pains here and there. My energy is generally low as I seek out the next pleasurable food moment. And it is only a moment. All the other physical feelings though are not!

I am a hedonist. I like to feel good. Momentary pleasure is not enough for me. I want to feel good all the time. I have experimented with my brave and willing body for a long time, trying out all the different ways of eating and living to find what feels the best. Lots of things have worked for me through the years. I have put it all together—all the good—and I am here in the present with what is a brilliant and zestful life.

I juice leafy greens and vegetables in the morning and eat a large colorful salad every day. About 85 percent of my diet consists of raw and living foods. I eat sprouts, seaweed, nuts and seeds. I run and jump on the trampoline daily. I think positive thoughts and try to give love and kindness to those I come in contact with. I write down what I want to manifest and I work toward my passionate goals of sharing my experience with others. My experience is that there is healing and freedom (from pain, disease, illness) in food, nature’s food. Food is medicine.

I can’t help but smile when I am in my garden amongst my collard leaves and lambs quarters, kale and nasturtium. It is right—connectedness to the earth, growing what I put in my body, wisdom of food, vegetables from the soil. I am in love in my garden.

I can’t help but smile when I arrange all the juicing vegetables on my big cutting board. The colors and textures are vibrant, a palette of health. Then when I drink the bright green fresh liquid that comes from this bounty, I get a rush of goodness throughout my body. It feeds me at a deep, cellular level. I am amazed at the perfection of nature. I can’t help but smile and laugh and because I am so thankful for nature’s wisdom. I am thankful for my desire to explore and experiment, my desire to feel good. I am thankful that I was led here to this freedom from pain, fatigue, and excess.

What I have learned from my study and experimentation is that we need fresh, vibrant and living foods. Whatever percentage you choose, just be sure to add some daily. Eat fresh vegetables, leafy greens, sprouts, sea vegetables and fruit. It doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Just eat ’em! I have learned that the body takes a great amount of energy to digest and assimilate complicated food (with processed meats and dairy products, chemicals, preservatives, colorings and pesticides). When the body is busy digesting food it can’t work on other things like healing or maintaining health. It’s a matter of getting out of the way of your body and letting it do its vital work of keeping you well. The body is all knowing, intelligent, capable and communicative. It talks to us and it is our job to listen if we want the keys to unlocking vibrant health. There is a saying, “you are what you eat.” Think about it the next time you are picking out food at the grocery store or garden. If you pick the food that springs forth with brilliance and color and vitality, that is the energy you will benefit from. You will look more alive—with color in your skin, clear eyes, soft supple skin and more energy. Better yet, you will just feel good. The more vegetables you eat the better. Just like momma says, “eat your vegetables, they are good for you!” We need the vital nutrients that vegetables have to offer. Most of us are starving and overweight, eating and eating and never really feeling satisfied.

More and more people are catching on to the connection between what you eat and how you feel, specifically to the raw food movement. This is not a new fad diet. This intelligence has been around since before the time of Christ and was documented by the Essenes, a Jewish sect who wrote the Essene gospel of peace. It is a text documenting the use of live foods in the treatment of disease.

People are using raw foods to fight cancer and other health problems. I use them to feel great and stay well. I am grateful that this information is getting out so that people can begin to use the wisdom of food as medicine. Try it with me, one raw meal at a time.

Jill Welch is a midwife, whole foods educator and private chef. She is the owner of The Kitchen Goddess, a business promoting health, wellness and natural foods. She assists people in making healthy lifestyle changes. Jill can be contacted at 850-443-2953 or thekitchengoddess@tds.net

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