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Plastic Purge


By Chris Terrell

Bisphenol A (BPA) is the topic of the week. Many number seven and number three water bottles are made out of a hard polycarbonate plastic that contains BPA. BPA, which is leached from polycarbonate bottles when heated, acts as a synthetic sex hormone that mimics estrogen (a xenoestrogen), as well as an endocrine disrupter.

This can become a serious issue when a bottle is heated repeatedly, such as a baby bottle. Ninety-five percent of baby bottles contain BPA which leaches from bottles 55 times faster with hot liquids than with room temperature or cold liquids. Currently researchers disagree about BPA’s danger—some believe it a serious health issue while others believe that the amount of BPA leached from bottles are not cause for concern. As a precaution, make sure that your plastic bottles are not heated while containing water—this includes not leaving your bottles in a hot car.

New Leaf Market is in the process of bringing in BPA free water bottles. At this time, the largest size available is a 32 oz., but as demand increases we should start seeing larger sizes available and we will phase out our current polycarbonate water bottles.

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