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Local Spotlight - Staying Clean with Wakulla Egret Soaps


By Bridget GuruBeant Kamke

Della Parker Hanson was always interested in making soaps. She finally read up on how to do it and then did it. It was pretty easy for her, similar to cooking with a recipe. The only difference was that she had to use weight not volume for measurements, so she needed a scale. “It’s a pretty forgiving art,” she says, “not terribly difficult.” Della now teaches soap-making workshops at New Leaf Market every few months. She takes care of her young son by day and also teaches yoga (Sampoorna style from Sivananda) at Crawfordville Women’s Club in Wakulla.

She likes her own soaps because of the sweet, creamy smell and the rich, creamy lather. She likes the scents because they are not floral or perfumed. When I told her they smell like you could eat them, she told me a great story. She gave soaps to her in-laws for Christmas and her father-in-law thinking it was food, took a bite! Oops! Della is now maker and producer of Wakulla Egret Soaps, available for purchase at New Leaf Market.

I complimented her on her soap for sensitive skin-types, the Pure Egret soap, which contains no scents or anything extra—a soap perfect for people with allergies. It is very gentle on my own skin as well as my three-year-old daughter’s sensitive skin. None of Della’s soaps are drying. She attributes that to “super fat,” which in soap-making terms means, extra oil.

Della describes her Mocha Mint soap, “It’s like taking a shower with your cup of coffee,” she says. “And the peppermint in it wakes you up, stimulates you.” It contains peppermint, fair trade coffee and cocoa, and cocoa butter.

Her Sacred Earth soap contains juniper berry (cedar) and sage (both used in traditional, Native American ritual offerings), as well as lemon and lemongrass.

She created her Pumpkin Spice soap because she loves pumpkin pie. She uses the same spices she adds to her beloved dessert—cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and ginger.

Wakulla Egret is based locally in Wakulla County where Della lives with her husband and young son. She makes soap in small homemade batches using organic and natural vegetable oils for a clean emollient (moisturizing) base. The base of Wakulla Egret soaps is saponified olive oil, organic coconut and organic palm oil. Della uses organic and natural essential oils for scent, and herbs and spices for coloring.

These soaps are good for you because the ingredients are so natural and safe. Skin actually absorbs the things we apply to it, and with these products you can rest assured that you are not putting harmful ingredients on your body.

Wakulla Egret soaps are also good for the planet as well as your skin. Della buys organic soap-making ingredients whenever possible. This means that inorganic contaminants do not make it into her products or onto your skin. Similarly, she does her part in preventing further contamination of our soils and water. Wakulla Egret Soaps help keep the earth clean while the soap keeps you clean!

Bridget GuruBeant Kamke is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Kundalini Yoga Teacher and Children’s Book Author in Havana, FL. 850-284-7136. www.infinipede.com

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