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General Manager’s Report


By Larrane Hartridge

In February of this year the Board of Directors decided to require all owners to investment equally at $100. This was one of the best decisions that could have been made for our co-op. To date we have received an additional $98,000 in equity with a commitment of over $100,000. This money is going directly towards the expansion and helping supplement our construction loan. Some of you may be wondering what you’re getting for your refundable equity investment. First and foremost you’re getting a socially responsible investment in your community.

New Leaf Market provides employment for 85 people, pays a livable wage ($8.70) and offers wonderful employee benefits. This past year New Leaf Market helped influence and educate our community by providing 125 educational seminars covering topics such as alternative medicine, green cleaning, yoga instruction and cooking classes. We participated in 44 community events—visiting schools, senior centers, attending numerous health fairs in Leon and Wakulla counties—and provided food and education for local farm tours. We purchased close to one million dollars in products from 54 local suppliers and conducted business with 31 local service companies spending $2.5 million. Not to mention hiring local businesses to design and build our new store.

In the past year we donated $54,000 to community fundraisers and events and raised $3,000 in customer donations for Second Harvest Food Bank which we matched.

Thank you for being an integral part of the Co-op and our community. We couldn’t do it without your investment and support.

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