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Food Costs-Up, Up and Away


By Christopher Terrell

With gas prices nearing a national average of $4.00 a gallon everyone is feeling the crunch, especially trucking companies. Beginning last summer many of our vendors have added fuel surcharges to their invoices to recoup their increasing shipping fees. Lately the surcharges have been increasing, which means we’re paying higher prices for just about every product in the store. This means that you will, or already have, notice some price increases.

Certain departments have been affected more than others. One of the areas that you will see the biggest price increases is our bulk department. This is due to bulk’s heavy weight, low price and space that it takes on a delivery truck. The price increases will not be as noticeable in a department like supplements that has smaller, more expensive items. As UPS and FedEx jump on the band wagon and increase their cost to our suppliers it further increases will eventually trickle down to us.

We are doing everything in our power to keep prices down. I have added extra sale items, which means squeezing larger quantities of product into our cramped space, as well as sourcing more local products. Local products travel less to get to market and therefore pass along less transportation costs. I know that everyone is feeling the crunch. I will do my best to keep the Co-op your affordable natural foods grocery store.

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