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Expansion Update - Final Leg of the Journey


By Cristin Burns, Project Manager

Phase three is right around the corner—we saved the most challenging for last. We expect to finish phase two and begin phase three mid-to-late July. Once the phase two area is open we will shift all the products currently in the un-renovated area into the newly finished space. Most grocery and wellness products will be moved to temporary locations.

Why don’t I give you a tour of phase three, starting at the entrance? Our main entrance will also be our exit. The current exit will be closed to allow for work on the façade and provide construction crews access to the store. Once inside, you will see three cash registers near the service desk. We will be temporarily losing one register, however with changes to our staffing we believe that transaction times should not be adversely affected. In-coming traffic will be asked to veer left along the backside of the produce cooler.

This is the last strange layout of the store that you will have to endure. Along the perimeter of the store, produce, bulk and dairy will remain where they are. Past the dairy section will be our first meat and seafood department—20 feet of packaged beef, pork, chicken, fish and shell fish. David Roloff has been hired as the meat and seafood manager. David has been with New Leaf Market for close to three years comes to the position with meat and seafood experience at Whole Foods Market and Albertsons. We are delighted to finally put his expertise to work.

Beyond the meat and seafood department begins our new frozen section. All items that were temporarily discontinued in phase two will return along with an assortment of new items!

As you walk down the frozen aisle you will be looking at the temporary placement of the deli hot bar, salad bar and coffee and tea station. This is the last time we will use this deli set-up. Upon completion of this phase the new deli will be open for business. Unfortunately, phase three does not allow room for indoor deli seating. A few tables will be placed outside in front of the store and the picnic tables along the side of the store will remain. Our loyal lunch and dinner customers have become our friends and we are deeply sorry for this inconvenience.

Grocery and wellness items will be moved yet again. To help you find your favorite items store maps will be provided. We encourage you to use a map or ask a staff member to help you locate what you’re looking for. Please understand that as we shift the grocery aisles that we are not always able to keep similar categories together, for instance cereal may not be near soy milk. Instead, placement is determined by the length of each category and the length of the available space.

As I mentioned above, the exit will be closed. An exterior barrier will begin at the exit doors and wrap around the side of the building. This barrier will cover our outside cart corral and one of our bicycle racks. Both will return upon completion of the project. Please help us by leaving the carts in the foyer on your way out or returning them to the store.

Not to be overly dramatic, but we will need all the help we can get. While the renovation is underway on the sales floor, the offices will also be under construction. All office staff will be displaced to allow for a major upgrade to the office areas. Some staff will work at temporary stations placed in the stock room hallway. Others will work out of temporary off-site locations.

Needless the say we will all—customers and staff alike—be challenged by changes to our environments. Please remember why we are doing all of this. It will result in a fabulous new store, full of new items, new departments and wider aisles. Thank you for your continued support.

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