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2008 Scholarship Winners


By Denise Tansey

The New Leaf Market Board of Directors and Scholarship Committee are pleased to announce the winners of this year’s scholarships.

The 10th annual New Leaf Market/Matthew Tansey Memorial Scholarship for Health, Healing and Nutrition goes to Sarah Ardanuy. A $1000 check will be sent to Florida State University to help her finish her nutrition and dietetics master’s degree. In addition to attending classes, her program has placed her at a variety of facilities around town as a dietetic intern. Sarah is putting herself through school and works part-time at New Leaf Market assisting customers in the vitamin and body care section of the store. She enjoys gathering the best information she can from both worlds—her conventional nutrition program and the holistic movement with its focus on whole foods and supplements.

Sarah has a keen interest in preventing disease and is contemplating starting her own practice as a nutritional counselor in the community. She envisions teaching wellness in the schools, at wellness facilities, community centers and our cooperative store, as well as writing articles for magazines and newsletters.

Alexa Volpe is this year’s winner of the 3rd annual New Leaf Market/Bryce Buchanan Memorial Scholarship. Alexa was a senior at Florida State this year, completing a triple major in art history, studio art, and chemical science. These three subject areas are all required for her primary major, art conservation, where one has to be an artist and scientist, as well as an historian and researcher. She loves the work and felt privileged to spend four months on scholarship in Florence, Italy applying conservation techniques on fresco, wood panels and oil paintings. She is applying to graduate programs in art conservation, although there are only three colleges in the nation that offer graduate studies in this area.

Alexa is ambitious and hardworking. She recently completed an independent study on the process of creating fresco art (which utilizes layers of lime plaster). Alexa says that understanding how fresco is created helps in understanding how to restore it. The project culminated in an exhibition of her work last May and in the development of a class syllabus on creating fresco art. She will submit the syllabus to FSU as a proposal of curricula for the art department.

Alexa also partnered with one other student on a hand-frosted glass and lighted shadow box that illustrated how a four-dimensional object can be viewed in an infinite number of dimensions, and in this case, in the arrays of its shadows. This was a fusion of math and art, says Alexa. Alexa and her partner were selected to present it at a conference in the Netherlands.

Alexa would love to see free, universal, public access to images and descriptions of visual art. She would like to see a classification and database system established for this, to enhance art research and education worldwide. She thinks this could be a valuable resource for those who want to protect and preserve art. She is developing a proposal for submission to the National Endowment for the Arts for resources to fund this project.

We were fortunate to have excellent candidates for both of New Leaf Market’s scholarships. We thank all of this year’s applicants for taking the time to apply. We encourage them to re-apply next year, whether they were selected this year or not. We wish every one of them much success in achieving their goals!

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