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New Year, New Board


Natural Times, January/February/March 2012

By Board of Directors Election Committee

Owners of New Leaf Market voted to fill three seats on their board in October. Incumbents Maria Cobian and Madelon Horwich were re-elected to three-year terms. Sue Hansen was elected to her first three-year term and Wendy Morgan received the necessary votes to be appointed to the seat vacated by past Board President Joshua Youngblood.

The four board members were seated at the November 7 board meeting. Madelon was chosen by the Board to continue as Vice-President. Other officers elected were Jim Terrell and June Wiaz. They will continue as President and Secretary-Treasurer, respectively.

Committee assignments were also completed and are as follows:

Board Budget Committee
June Wiaz (Chair), Dave Watson, Hugh Boyter

Bylaw Revision Committee
Madelon Horwich (Chair), Hugh Boyter, Jim Terrell

Education Subcommittee
Maria Cobian (Chair), Hugh Boyter, Sue Hansen

Nominations & Elections Committee
Jim Terrell (Chair), Maria Cobian, Sue Hansen

Owner Linkage Committee
June Wiaz (Chair), Jennifer Agabiti-Hall, Wendy Morgan

Policy Governance
Madelon Horwich (Chair)

Scholarship Committee
Dave Watson (Chair), Wendy Morgan, Madelon Horwich

On behalf of the Board and staff of New Leaf Market, the outgoing Nominations and Election Committee would like to thank the voting owner-members for participating in the election. Our new Board of Directors begins with good energy and a commitment to the well being of the Co-op.

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