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2010-2011 Annual Report


Natural Times, January/February/March 2012

At the end of each fiscal year, the management reports to the Board how the store has supported its Ends Policies. Four Ends Statements, along with the Mission and Vision Statements, guide management’s day-to-day decisions. Below is a portion of the Ends Report provided to the Board and presented at the Annual Ownership Meeting on October 8, 2011.

Ends Statement #1

Tallahassee and surrounding communities have access to food and products from local, natural, organic, cooperative, and fair labor suppliers.

  • Purchased from 99 local suppliers for a total of $903,55.09.
  • Used 86 local service companies for a total of $915,968.72.
  • Carried 13,064 active items.
  • Carried 2,512 certified organic items (19.2% of all items) and approximately 562 items with organic ingredients (4.3% of all items).
  • Purchased from, and sold, 25 different fair trade certified brands.
  • Third Annual Farm Tour brought over 6,500 local residents to local farms.
  • Second Eat Local, America! challenge educated customers about the benefits of eating locally and supporting local agriculture.

Ends Statement #2

Interests and needs of cooperative owners are expressed in operation of a full-service store.

  • Policies and products were updated and reviewed in light of customer comment cards. For instance, fruit on the salad bar and the new check policy were both direct results from customer comments.
  • Donations of product and services were made to a variety of organizations in addition to New Leaf Market’s partnerships with Second Harvest, Oak Ridge Elementary and Big Bend Hospice.

Ends Statement #3

People are educated to make consumer choices with confidence.

  • With the addition of a new weekly sales program, Co+op Fresh, customers have three fliers worth of sales every month.
  • The website was updated with a Recipe Search, Blog and interactive Health Notes.
  • Natural Times was printed four times a year.
  • E-newsletters went out every two weeks and contained recipes.
  • Facebook page was constantly updated.
  • Over 125 seminars were held throughout the year.
  • Thirty-seven community events were attended.
  • NLM sponsored 80 community presentations.
  • Ongoing in-house trainings, including: orientation, wellness, Rising Star, and supervisor.

Ends Statement #4

There is broader community awareness of cooperative principles including environmental considerations.

  • The Co-op offset energy use with Renewable Energy Certificates.
  • NLM began recycling clear plastic film and increased cardboard to 66.45 tons.
  • Packing peanuts, produce and deli waste, computer equipment, and farmer containers were upcycled, or donated to outside companies for re-use or repurposing, to prevent them going to the dump.

As you can see below, New Leaf Market did not make a profit for the 2010-2011 year. Without profit, there is no money to distribute in the form of patronage rebates. Sales of $12 million represents approximately 7.52 percent decrease in sales compared to the previous year, 2009-2010. We believe this decrease in sales is due to several factors including Earth Fare’s opening in December 2011, the economic impact at large and changes to state workers’ pension plans.

Patronage Rebate 2010 - 2011

Total Profit for YTD as of June 25, 2011

% of SALES
Owner 49%
Non-Owner 51%
Total 100%

Profit Total
June, 27 2010 - June 25, 2011 <$81,466>
Owner Profit Total N/A

Due to the timing of the annual meeting and the newsletter, we are already halfway through our current 2011-2012 fiscal year. Several of our goals for this year have already been accomplished, like bringing local eggs back in the store and beginning our in-house brand of sausage. Stay tuned to our website (www.newleafmarket.coop), Facebook (New Leaf Market-look for a picture of the store in the left-hand corner) and Twitter (NewLeafMarketTL) pages for updates about new items, sales, and co-op initiatives.

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