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Tickle Your Taste Buds


By Brandon Chaplin, Specialty Manager

When planning a romantic dessert for Valentine’s Day it is wise to carefully consider the wine that you will pair with your amorous treat. Sparkling wines always lend a festive mood to any event, and celebrating the romance in your life is a delightful occasion that is well suited for popping open a bottle, or two, of your favorite bubbly.

Sparkling wines come in a full array of flavors ranging from sweet varieties like Moscato d’Asti and Frizzante, to Extra Dry and Brut. Within this broad range lies the perfect sparkling wine for any occasion: main course or dessert. For our purposes I will focus on the sparklers that complement various dessert dishes.

If you are having a relatively light dessert, such as fresh berries and cream, you will find that a sweeter wine, such as a Frizzante or an Asti, really helps to accent the bright fruit flavors while supplying a lower acidity that will not upset the lusciousness of the cream. For those enjoying slightly sweeter fare, such as cobbler, torte, or cherry pie, a less sweet—but not dry—selection, such as a Blanc de Noir or a Blanc de Blanc, has a wonderful centering effect on the palate that helps to prolong and complement the bodacious warmth of cinnamon and other spices commonly used in these pastries.

Chocolate, arguably the most decadent and sensual of all desserts, pairs with sparkling Shiraz. Yes, sparkling Shiraz. Shiraz is one of the boldest, spiciest and in-your-face varietals of wine on the planet. The effervescence rounds the boldness and acidity into a truly balanced flavor bomb. Its naturally occurring notes mingle with any chocolate confection and explode deliciously on the tongue in a way that would make even the most experienced romantic blush.


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