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Your Co-op Events for September & October 2017


We have some changes planned for this year’s election season and annual meeting. Our goal is to increase participation by our owners and best represent their interests and needs.

The last chance to decide to run and provide a candidate statement and photo is September 20th. This date would allow for electronic promotion of candidates only.       

Candidate information and the ballot will be available online and in-store. On September 21st the Board will hold a “Meet the Candidates” gathering at 6:30 PM at the Apalachee Parkway store. Primary owners (of which there is one per household) will not only have a chance to meet the candidates interested in serving on the Board, but will also have the opportunity to participate in early voting at the end of the meeting. Light refreshments will be available. The official two-week voting period begins September 27th, and ends on October 7th at the annual meeting (to be held at the Bannerman store). Owners will have an opportunity to vote at the beginning of the annual meeting. The ballots will be counted prior to  the end of the Annual Meeting and the new Board members will be announced.

In the competitive landscape we now find ourselves in, we know we share the organic and natural foods business with many competitors. While some recruit their board members from industry suppliers and consulting agencies, our co-op proudly relies on a more democratic process to find its leaders. These leaders are our customers, your friends, and neighbors.


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