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Local Spotlight: Farmer's Daughter Vineyards


Napa. Tuscany. Provence. Southwest Georgia?

When it comes to wine, you typically don’t see the latter listed as a prime location for some seriously good vino. Fortunately for those of us in the South, there’s a hidden gem conveniently located in Thomasville, GA — Farmer’s Daughter Vineyards.

A young company, Farmer’s Daughter got her official start in spring of 2014 when the first set of wine grapes were planted. By 2016, the very first bottles were released. In 2017, Hellraiser, an off-dry, Reisling-esque white wine, won “best of class” at the San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition, the largest competition of American wines in the world. You could say that Farmer’s Daughter is crushing the wine game.

It doesn’t take much conversation to feel the love and passion that co-founder Renee Moss has for this industry. “People hear wine and think it must be so glamorous,” she said. She continued, “But we do it all; from the literal dirty work to the sexy part where it hits the glass. It’s hard work, but we love it.” Renee and her husband love the vineyard so much, in fact, that their daughter is to thank for the company’s name as well as the logo: “The FDV venture was developed for our daughter, so everything is named in her honor. We’re playful and though we’re making a premium product, we want to put people at ease when they taste; so the names are fun, memorable, and kind of an ice-breaker.”
Catherine Taylor / Woodland Fields PhotographyAs for which of their wines she enjoys the most? “My go-to is a New Zealand style Sauvignon Blanc, so my favorite is Troublemaker. [It’s] the perfect choice when gifting a wine when you have no clue of what style of wine they like. Late Harvest Bombshell (currently in stock at New Leaf) comes off a lot like Troublemaker, since it’s made from a late season harvest where the sugars are high.”

Speaking of sugar, we figured we needed to ask Renee one final and very important question: What wine should we be drinking when we are consuming copious amounts of Halloween candy?

Peanut butter cups sparked quite a debate which resulted in a tie: Farmer’s Daughter’s Bombshell, a white wine similar to a Chardonnay or Chenin Blanc, and/or Daredevil, a red which resembles a Shiraz. Semi-sweet wines like Hellraiser and Troublemaker pair well with salted white chocolate while Knockout, a Pinot Noir-style wine (that also happens to be vegan), pairs deliciously with dark chocolate and dried cranberries.

If your mouth is watering and you find yourself wanting to test these pairings, head to the Farmer’s Daughter tasting room located in Thomasville. Not only do they have wine, but they have cheese plates, chocolates, and an array of activities to keep you entertained. If you simply can’t wait one more minute, you can order bottles directly from their website, StompedInGeorgia.com.

As a co-op, we deal with a lot of local businesses. Farmer’s Daughter is the epitome of what it means to excel at owning and operating a local business. From the way they produce their products to how they interact with their customers, Farmer’s Daughter Vineyards is definitely worth a visit, a taste, or both.

For more information, go to StompedInGeorgia.com.



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