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Football: The Community's Sport


A Deep Dive Into Autumn In The South

Spring, summer, football, and winter. In the South, “fall” is just another word for football season. What is it about watching a group of men fight over a cowhide-covered ball that is so enticing? Is it purely for entertainment or is there something deeper; an existential gem hidden beneath the troughs of boiled peanuts and muddied puddles of spilled beer? Perhaps football, when stripped down to its purest and simplest form, is about one thing — community.

A community is made up of individuals. We wake up, work, sleep, and repeat. At times, we find ourselves on autopilot unsure of how we got to where we were heading. In Tallahassee, football season halts our routines and thrusts us into a color-coded sea of garnet and gold. It forces us to come together as a city, as a community. As victors, we celebrate together; and on those rare weekends where the game doesn’t turn out as planned, we mourn together. Football season has the unique ability to unite those from all walks of life, no matter their political affiliation or religion of choice. That’s quite a feat for something that some tout as “just a hobby.”

Much like a co-op, for a city’s football season to thrive, it needs a strong, passionate, and loyal community to support it. At New Leaf, we’re big on community. Building a vibrant and healthy local community is listed at the very top of our mission statement. In that regard, it makes sense that we’re gung-ho about Tallahassee football. The sporting event aside, football season plays host to one thing that we are all familiar with: the love of food. Much like a sommelier does with wine, a dedicated football enthusiast can take a whiff of the open Tallahassee air on any given fall Saturday and pick out a bouquet of aromas — grass-fed beef patties grilled to perfection, tortilla chips topped with a hot, silky layer of melted cheddar cheese, and freshly chopped vegetables dipped in mouth-watering, homemade hummus.

Coming together and breaking bread, sharing our time and culinary creations with those who share a common interest, getting to know the people that share our zip code…that is what football season is all about. That is what makes football season worthwhile.

The next time someone asks you to describe football season in Tallahassee, rest assured that you’ll only need to utter one, simple word: community.


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