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You Have Questions, Steve Has Answers.

New Leaf's General Manager, Steve Kobs, answers some questions and concerns from New Leaf Market Co-op members. Have a question you'd like answered or a comment you'd like to share? Email us at nlm@newleafmarket.coop or use the customer comments box (at our Parkway location) or pick up a comment card (at our Bannerman Crossings location).


“Please have the salad bar and hot bar ready on time. Recently, both were 15 minutes late. Us early risers need you!” - TL
“The morning breakfast bar is becoming terrible. No one seems to know when the food is running low.” - WP

Yikes. The hot bar has been a hot mess. We have definitely had some staffing challenges. The resulting lateness and quality was unacceptable. By this printing, we expect to have everything back to normal.

“Thank you for creating the policy giving 10¢ for using a reusable bag. How about giving 10¢ back for not using any bag? When I purchase 2 or 3 items and can fit them in my purse, isn’t that the same?” - MR

We talked about this option before making the change. We decided not to get into conflicts about minimum purchases and different prices of big bags vs. small bags. You have a good point about bag avoidance, but our main aim was to reward shoppers for remembering their reusable bags. We also considered charging for every bag used and have decided against that at this time.

Product Requests:

“Please bring back artichoke hearts to the salad bar.” - TL
They are usually there. Different items do rotate through the salad bar. Artichoke hearts should be there about 80% of the time.

“Can you bring back Artzi’s Pita Queen products?” - TL
We still have Pita Queen, but we relocated all of the products in one place in the Dairy Case (at New Leaf Parkway). They are on the same shelf, about shoulder height, before you get to the eggs.

“Any chance you could stock Luke’s Bean and Seed Multigrain Crackers? We are new to the area and cannot find them anywhere.” - LA

We are checking to see if any of our suppliers have them or can get them.

“I come here quite a bit, for over 20 years, and have recently been buying fresh juices from the Juice Bar. On multiple occasions, your juicer has been out of commission. It malfunctioned twice while a juice was being made for me today. That seems dangerous to both your customers and your employees. Please consider replacing it.” - NM

The Nutrifaster juicer gets a fair amount of use. It sometimes gets jammed, and it's possible to not assemble correctly after cleaning. When the Nurtifaster isn't happy, it can make a lot of noise. It sounds much worse than it is. Our machine is serviceable and we do not need to spend $2,500 to replace it. We are getting the parts on-hand to reduce downtime.


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