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Local Spotlight—Sweet Little Somethings

A local business from one of New Leaf’s own
Natural Times, April/May/June 2015

By Crystal Wakoa

Stacy Belinski’s warm brown eyes sparkle and her energy is contagious as she describes Sweet Little Somethings, the candle business she started last year. Why would a full-time New Leaf employee (of nine years!) and a mother of three young children, ages 2, 4 and 6, add “start and maintain new business venture” to her to-do list?

“My fiancé and I are self-reliant types,” Stacy tells me. “He’s a stay-at-home dad and we home school our oldest child. My fiancé started a wood refinishing business on the side and I realized I wanted a creative outlet, too.“

Stacy and her family represent a growing trend of young people living their values of self-sufficiency and environmental stewardship. Having recently relocated to a home with some acreage, they immediately got a flock of chickens and the plan for their garden is underway.

New Leaf has offered candles in the past, usually beeswax, but they’ve been poor sellers due to their expense.  “So I started researching soy candles,” says Stacy, “and found my niche. I think soy wax candles have lots of advantages over other types. I can guarantee that my ingredients are 100 percent US grown. And unlike, say, palm oil, soy is sustainable.”

Stacy did consider beeswax, but couldn’t find a steady supply of local beeswax, and found the collapse of the bee population alarming. “Besides,” says Stacy, “beeswax by itself smells strong and isn’t conducive to adding scents. I knew I wanted to make scented candles. “

One of the biggest advantages, though, is that soy candles burn cleanly. “My candles produce no smoke at all. And they last a long time,” Stacy declares proudly. One candle burns an average of 30 hours, making the price of $6.99 a real bargain.

I like Stacy’s candles because they come in metal tins, making them safe for burning anywhere.

You can find Sweet Little Somethings on the gift rack next to the water filling station at New Leaf, as well as sharing a rack with soaps in the Body Care Department.

With exotic scents like Egyptian Amber and Dragon Blood, tasty scents like Vanilla Cream, Lemon Cupcake and Raspberry Sorbet, as well as the best seller Lavender & Lace, (plus more) you can find a candle for any mood or occasion.

And be sure to look up Stacy in the Wellness Department to thank her and answer any questions you might have. She’s a spark and will be happy to show you the fruits of her energy and industry.


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