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New Leaf Market Challenges Community to Eat Local in Nationwide Campaign June 1-30


By Cristin Burns, Marketing Manager

Eating local is not just for foodies anymore. Whether it’s “60 Minutes,” the New York Times or Tallahassee Democrat, more and more media are talking up eating local. And, more shoppers are walking the talk, both as a way to become more mindful eaters and to support the local economy.

With that in mind, New Leaf Market for the second year is hosting the “Eat Local, America!” challenge this summer, inviting area residents to focus on eating more local food from June 1 to June 30.

Participants may choose the level that’s right for them. “Newbies” might start by eating one meal a week made with local food. Seasoned “locavores” can push the envelope—perhaps by making four out of five meals with local foods. Or participants can pick a personal goal somewhere in between.

Eat Local, America! is honor-based. Those wishing to participate simply sign a large poster at the entrance or log on to www.eatlocalamerica.coop.

At The Co-op we define local food as produced or grown within 200 miles. During Eat Local, America! and throughout the year, we call attention to local food on our shelves by Local Color signs and stickers.

Why Eat Local?
New Leaf Market cultivates truly reciprocal partnerships and friendships with local growers and producers. Together, the Co-op and local producers create viable market opportunities for local products, while giving co-op shoppers a convenient connection to fresh, delicious food of the highest quality.

Local food benefits co-op shoppers, growers, communities and the environment. It’s also fresher and tastes better, because it retains more nutrients and promotes a healthy environment. With a shorter distance to travel, local food uses fewer natural resources, such as oil, in its transport.

In addition, eating local helps preserve and even stimulate the local economy, as dollars spent on local foods support regional farmers and producers. By keeping their wages in the community, much of the income they earn and the taxes they pay in turn go back to the local economy.

Locally owned by members of the community, New Leaf Market keeps its investment dollars in the vicinity by supporting local farmers and artisans and providing fair-wage jobs for people in the Tallahassee and surrounding areas.

National Challenge Underway
New Leaf Market is joining other natural food co-ops coast-to-coast in the second, national Eat Local, America! All participating co-ops are members of National Cooperative Grocers Association (NCGA) – a business services cooperative representing 111 retail food co-ops nationwide.

As peak harvest time varies nationwide, challenge durations may vary from a one-week to one-month period. Most participating co-ops will conduct the challenge based on their region as follows:

June 15 – July 15 :: South, Southwest and California

July 15 – August 15 :: Plains, Midwest and Northwest

August 15 – September 15 :: Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, Ohio Valley and Upper Midwest

Beginning June 1, food lovers can learn about all participating Eat Local, America! co-ops and initiatives at www.eatlocalamerica.coop.

Sign-Up and Join
Put your taste for local food to the test! Visit the co-op to sign up for the challenge and learn more about helpful recipes and products that will make achieving the challenge as easy as a summer breeze. Or, visit the national Web site at www.eatlocalamerica.coop to follow other participants coast-to-coast.

Happy eating!

For more information on Eat Local, America!, contact Cristin Burns, New Leaf Market.


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