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General Manager's Report


To Be, Or Not To Be an Owner

A few years ago an owner survey was conducted that revealed to our Board of Directors very strong support for an expansion. This information put New Leaf Market on a path that led us to where we are today.

As a way to partially fund the expansion, the board decided to raise the equity investment from $25 to $100. Owners were given a year to decide if they wanted to increase their ownership or apply for a refund. Many owners chose to raise their equity investment to $100. Much of the equity raised by the increase was used to purchase new equipment for the expansion. Today equity is used to maintain and purchase new equipment.

As an owner of New Leaf Market, you have a unique opportunity to participate in the business, unlike traditional retail set-ups. You may attend owner forums and meetings, join ad hoc committees, vote in Board of Director elections or even run and serve on the Board. Co-op owners receive discounts on seminars and from participating local healthcare providers and businesses that extend discounts to New Leaf Market owners. The biggest benefit of ownership is Owner Deals, owner-only sales that change every four weeks. It is possible to save the amount of your investment in only one or two months of shopping the Owner Deals. In April, you could save over $100 if you purchased one of each item in the flier.

Being an owner of New Leaf Market means you support a business that gives back to the community. Your ownership helps support the 161 local producers that are carried at the Co-op. Not to mention the farms that are supported through the annual North Florida & South Georgia Farm Tour. Last year alone New Leaf Market spent well over $2.5 million on local products, money that stayed right here in our own community. Additionally, another $1 million was spent with local service providers.

New Leaf Market is not a corporation sending profits to a head office. You, the owners, are the beneficiaries in every way. Not a bad buy for $100. Oh, and by the way, it’s fully refundable!


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