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President’s Report


By Joshua Youngblood

With the start of spring and wrapping up a successful planning retreat, the Board of Directors is very excited about what lies ahead for New Leaf Market. The Cooperative continues to grow, adding new owners every week, and sales keep getting better and better every month. With our success, New Leaf is increasingly recognized nationally as a leading co-op.

In fact, the National Cooperative Grocers Association, of which we are a member, has named New Leaf Market as one of the most financially sound co-ops in the country, currently ranked eighth in sales growth. Cooperative consultants, mangers and staff from other co-ops have visited several times since the expansion was completed. They have been impressed, not only with how great the store looks, but with how well the business is working, and New Leaf managers are sought out to help other stores improve their operations. A great deal of thanks should be given to Larrane, the management team, and all of our wonderful staff for how effectively we have adapted and prospered as a growing business and organization.

New Leaf Market is also a leader in Tallahassee and the surrounding community. Our marketing and outreach programs partner with local groups and events to educate people across the Big Bend. New Leaf Market is rightfully seen as a leader on issues of health, environment, and local food. I believe we should embrace this role, not just as a model business with great customer service, but as an integral local source for great food, healthful products, and sound ideas. To that end, the Board of Directors welcomes your input, concerns, questions and suggestions. Write us, come to a meeting, or stop and talk to us in the store. Let us know what you’re thinking so we can all help make our co-op even better.


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