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General Manager's Report


By Larrane Hartridge

New, New, New
Your co-op is busier than ever! We have introduced quite a few new items this year. Just before Valentine’s Day, we began selling flowers and I must say they are beautiful bouquets. Weather permitting, we will be selling local flowers soon. We have expanded our frozen vegetable section, and completed a small reset to accommodate more household items (paper towels, napkins, tissues). Tea and coffee are now located on aisle two, and all non-dairy beverages are on aisle four with the rest of the beverages. Sushi moved to the Grab ’n Go cooler. In April, we will add a small cooler at the end of the freezer aisle (across from the wellness department) in which we will place tortillas, flat breads and Sami’s pies. This allows us to expand our dairy section. At your request, we have purchased small, two-tiered shopping carts for your convenience.

We’ve taken training to the next level! Our two-day manager and supervisor trainings continue with plans to introduce a financial track. Additionally, all operational department managers have been certified as trainers for Food Safety certification. This allows employees who handle food to be certified in-house.

Stay Informed
For those of you who haven’t signed up for our e-news, I encourage you to sign up on our web site, www.newleafmarket.coop. Every two weeks we send out an e-newsletter that has all kinds of great information including the latest sales! Another great way to keep informed is to follow us on Facebook.


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