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Local Spotlight—No Name BBQ Sauce
July/August/September 2016 Natural Times

By Billy Lunsford, Parkway Store Grocery Manager

Born and raised in Perry, Florida, Bishop Clark (although he’ll tell you he prefers to be called Bish) has always been drawn to making food. When he was young it was helping his mother with cakes and his father with grilling. As he grew up it turned into creating recipes to feed friends and family. As an adult, he and his father started their own convenience store that had a full service deli inside. This business was so successful that it grew into a four-store chain, with Bishop doing all the cooking at the flagship store, and delivering to the other three every day!

Sometime in 1996, Bishop began working up a barbeque sauce recipe but couldn’t find one that wasn’t expensive and also hard to make. He wanted something that was not only delicious, but also made of natural ingredients. He put the recipe he came up with away and honestly forgot about it until around 2008, when he started making it in his kitchen to give as gifts to his friends and family. He brought his tasty homemade sauce to a Christmas party and people fell in love.

His boss at the time encouraged him to make a batch to sell to their customers. That went so well that they talked about doing it on a bigger scale. Always having a passion for owning his own business, Bishop took a leap of faith in 2012 and dove into making barbeque sauce for retail sale.

Since then, he’s created a line of four sauces under the Mamma’s Day Off brand, including: No Name Original BBQ Sauce, No Name Hot BBQ Sauce, No Name What’s It Tartar Sauce, and No Name Cocktail Sauce. With his trusty pig-mobile (affectionately called the hard-working-no-named pig), Bish is traveling around sharing his passion for his sauces. You may have seen him at the Co-op recently, pig mobile and all, sampling with a smile. He even tried tofu for the first time just for our customers! Asked often “what’s in the sauce?” Bishop always replies with “my life’s savings and my retirement.” As for the name? Try it yourself and see that it’s so good it doesn’t even need a name.

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