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Local Spotlight—New Leaf Market Co-op Coffee
Natural Times, April/May/June 2016

By Dylan Walters, Parkway Store Manager

There have been delicious changes percolating in the bulk coffee section!

Through many comment cards, customer surveys and one-on-one conversations, you’ve told us that you would like to see us expand our product lines to include some all-natural/non-organic options. You’ve also continued to voice your desire to see as many local products throughout the store as possible. This feedback has led us to partner with a local coffee roaster to create unique, custom blends of premium coffees exclusive to New Leaf Market Co-op.

Our partner roaster only buys premium coffee beans from renowned growing regions around the world. These beans are sourced from farmers who are committed to ethical and responsible growing and harvesting practices. Harsh chemicals and machine harvesting can damage coffee and negatively affect flavor. Our coffee only uses premium beans, a rating reserved for the top 10 percent of the world’s coffee beans. The requirements of premium beans require careful hand harvesting to ensure large whole beans. Our suppliers understand that taking care of the farmers, the farmland and the supply chain is the only way to ensure that a sustainable coffee industry grows and thrives.

Mountain water-processed decaf coffee is another selection we’re proud to call a Co-op coffee. This chemical-free way to separate the caffeine from the beans preserves the bold coffee flavor while eliminating the buzz.

In an ongoing effort to meet the needs of all our shoppers, the New Leaf Market Co-op bulk and packaged coffee offers a variety of certified fair trade and organic coffees as well as non-certified, yet ethically and sustainably sourced, coffees. You can find the following Co-op coffee in the bulk section:

  • Start Me Up Breakfast Blend – a sweet and nutty light roast
  • Bittersweet Symphony French Roast – full-bodied, smooth and smoky
  • Kickstart My Heart Espresso Roast – earthy and woody with notes of black pepper
  • Good Feeling Medium Roast – medium body with mild acidity
  • Rocket Man Dark Roast – full body with hints of dark chocolate and mild berry flavors
  • Remix To Ignition Decaf Blend – full body, flavorful, smooth, water-processed
  • Single Origin Colombian Fair Trade & Organic
  • Single Origin Guatemalan Fair Trade & Organic

We are proud to put our name on a product that supports processes and practices that treat the environment and farmers with the respect and care. The deli is now brewing and serving these great new coffees, so please make sure to stop by and enjoy a cup!

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