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New Lafayette Street Organic Growers' Market


Beginning Thursday, May 27 the brand new Lafayette Street Growers' Market will be open for business. This exclusively organic market will be open year round from 3 pm-dusk in the Parkway Shopping Center parking lot across the street from The Moon. The Lafayette Street Growers' Market has been made possible by collaboration between the Lafayette community, The Moon and the Florida A & M University Statewide Small Farms Programs. New Leaf Market is thrilled to have the Growers' Market as our newest neighbor and welcomes them to the neighborhood.

The Florida A & M University Statewide Small Farms Programs was developed to assist and equip underserved small farm populations, farm workers and their families toward sustainable development. The Small Farms Programs works together with farmers, university faculty and community collaborators in the development of relevant educational and training sessions. Through educational and hands-on training, the Program is equipping small growers by providing access to knowledge about sustainable agricultural production and management systems -- organics, biointensive, biodynamic organic poultry and goat production, alternative marketing strategies, identifying new and local growers' markets and by providing an active network of farmers helping farmers.

If you are interested in participating in this Growers' Market or would like more information, please contact Jennifer Taylor with the FAMU StateWide Small Farm Programs at jennifer.taylor@famu.edu or 850-412-5260.


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