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Eat Local, America!: Celebrate Local Foods with New Leaf Market from June 1-30


By Cristin Burns, Marketing Manager

It's the height of the local growing season, and New Leaf Market is ready to celebrate the freshest, best, and most delicious local products with you. Together with co-ops around the country, New Leaf Market is hosting “Eat Local, America!," inviting local residents to enjoy more local foods from June 1 to June 30. Join the New Leaf Market community and help us celebrate foods grown and produced in North Florida and South Georgia.

For the month of June visit with local farmers and producers every Tuesday and Saturday while enjoying in-store samples and local sales. On Fridays, the deli hot bar will feature local ingredients like Thompson Farm Pork, Orchard Pond Organics Beef, and tomatoes, squash, eggplant and peppers from Hoover Farm and Spring Song Farm.

At New Leaf Market we define local food as food grown or produced within 200 miles. During Eat Local, America! and throughout the year, we call attention to local food on our shelves with Local Color shelf signs and stickers. During Eat Local, America! and beyond, our staff is available to answer questions and make recommendations on new and delicious foods to try.

Eat Local, America! is a great way to explore and enjoy the bounty of local foods grown in the region and support the growers and producers who make this fresh, delicious food possible. Eat Local, America! participants are encouraged to set a goal for themselves. With all the local food choices available, one meal a week made with local ingredients may just be too easy! Find a local in-season substitute for your breakfast banana, or re-do a family favorite recipe with local foods. The point is to recognize and celebrate the joys of fresh-picked flavors while supporting local foods and farms. To learn more about the challenge nationwide, visit www.strongertogether.coop.

Why Eat Local?

At New Leaf Market, we cultivate relationships with local growers and producers in order to support local farmers and provide the freshest, highest quality products for our shoppers. Together, New Leaf Market and local producers create viable market opportunities for local products, while giving co-op shoppers a convenient and close connection to fresh, delicious food of the highest quality.

Each region has a unique variety of products available during the peak harvest season. Eating local foods celebrates the diversity of communities and supports local food producers like Robert Wheeler of Wheeler Farm in Live Oak, Florida. Since deciding to give up his nine-to-five job in 1985, Mr. Wheeler has been a farmer of more than vegetables—he and his wife raised four children on the farm. Realizing the benefits of organic farming, Mr. Wheeler transitioned the farm to certified organic in 2006. Wheeler Farm organic produce can be found in the produce department.

Local food benefits co-op shoppers, growers, communities and the environment. Local foods are fresher, taste better, and typically retain more nutrients by traveling faster from field to plate instead of spending days or weeks in shipping.

In addition, eating local helps preserve and even stimulate the local economy, as dollars spent on local foods support regional farmers and producers. By keeping their wages in the community, much of the income they earn and the taxes they pay go right back into the local economy.

Locally owned by members of the community, New Leaf Market keeps its investment dollars in the vicinity by supporting local farmers, food artisans, and other local businesses, and providing jobs for people in the Tallahassee area.

National Challenge Underway

New Leaf Market is joining other natural food co-ops coast-to-coast in the fourth year of Eat Local, America! All participating co-ops are members of National Cooperative Grocers Association (NCGA) – a business services cooperative representing 120 retail food co-ops nationwide.

Read more about local food and farms and learn why supporting them is important, and find great recipes and information about in-season produce at www.strongertogether.coop.

For more information on Eat Local, America!, contact Cristin Burns, New Leaf Market at 850-942-2557 ext 246 or Cristin@newleafmarket.coop.


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