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You down with ACV? Yeah, you know me!


Until recently, apple cider vinegar (ACV) was one of those bottles in my pantry that collected dust right alongside the box of potato flakes and food coloring. I just had this notion that vinegar was for baking and scrubbing the tub - yay for green cleaning! Turns out a bottle of ACV is a handy thing to have around for a multitude of reasons that are neither baking or tub related. Who woulda thunk it?

Here are the benefits that have me swiggin' a glass of ACV elixir as I type!

- Rich in enzymes as a result of the fermentation process.
- Promotes healthy digestion and pH balance thanks to all those awesome enzymes.
- Supports a healthy immune system by encouraging the growth of healthy bacteria.
- Soothes dry throats and can boost healing from sinus infections by thinning mucus.
- Relieves lactic acid build-up from exercise related muscle pain.

You are totally pumped to go down some ACV to start reaping the benefits, now aren't you? Let me warn you though! Do not, under any circumstances, drink ACV straight up and undiluted. Your throat will feel like it's on fire. Because of it's highly acidic quality, ACV must be diluted when sipped otherwise it could have harmful effects on your teeth and throat. This can be easily avoided by throwin' back a bottle of Bragg's Organic ACV Drink or making a tall glass yourself.  The recipe of choice in our household is a tablespoon of ACV, a tablespoon of sugar (I have a wicked sweet tooth so others might want to use less) and 12 oz. of water. I prefer mine cold but some like theirs hot. Either way, it will be delicious! To me, it tastes like a very, very mild kombucha. Kombucha I can't handle but ACV water I really enjoy.

Take note: not all ACV is created equal. To ensure your are getting all those enzymes and minerals that lead to these fabulous benefits, you want to use organic, raw ACV. Raw ACV means it was not pasteurized as pasteurization would kill off all the enzymes and break up the delicate nutrients. Any easy way to tell how nutrient packed a bottle of ACV is is to look for the "mother". That's the dark cloudy part of ACV that settles to the bottom and it's where a lot of the nutrients hideout. Just shake your bottle of ACV lightly before using to mix the mother in.

Now how's ready for a tall glass of pH balancing, immune system boosting, dry throat soothing, lactic acid busting ACV water? Bottoms up, friends!



Better you should use honey or stevia. We continue to discover how harmful sugar is to the body and mind. For example medical researchers are now calling Alzheimer's Disease type 3 diabetes where brain cells become insulin resistant, according to the NY Times.

I bought some honey from local market with this recipe attached for a good night sleep as well as improves circulation, relaxes nervous system, relieves arthritis & stress, It reacts with Uric Acid in bones to give Pain Relief and prevents Insomnia. 8 oz. water warm enough to melt honey; 1-2 teaspoons Honey, 1-2 teaspoons ACV (Organic) Adjust Amount of honey and vinegar for comfort and taste. Enjoy...... I do three times a week.

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