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Woodchuck Spring Cider: delicate sweetness with a hint of smoke


I’m not a big fan of hard cider because it is usually too sweet. If I wanted an alcoholic juice I would just use apple juice as a mixer. That being said, I’m very impressed with a recent addition to our beer case. Imagine the taste and aroma of fresh maple syrup and brown sugar...now think of a clean and crisp apple cider. Woodchuck Spring, their aptly named spring seasonal, will make you think you're sitting in a warm sugarhouse in the Vermont countryside. This handcrafted cider has a delicate sweetness that does not overpower the palate, a smokiness that is reminiscent of yummy bacon (side note, everything should taste a little of bacon), and an effervescence that makes it very easy to drink, even for breakfast. And at $8.99 a six-pack, it is a steal. Enjoy!

Billy L. has worked at New Leaf Market for four years and is the Assistant Manager for the specialty department. In his spare time he enjoys spending time with his three-year-old son, whistling Marshall Tucker tunes and browsing the web for anything about unicorns. Any questions? Email Billy at billy@newleafmarket.coop

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