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Why Organic Wine?


Why Organic?

Chances are, you already know the value of eating organic. Choosing organic foods means limiting your exposure to GMOs, pesticides, growth hormones, and other additives. Organic foods are often richer in nutrients and have better flavors than their conventional counterparts. More and more people have made the switch to eating organic produce because of the health benefits. These days it’s pretty common to hear someone say they’ve “gone organic” with their diet. But what about drinking organic? Is that possible? You bet it is! Here at New Leaf Market Co-op, we are proud to bring you an organic beverage that is a favorite among many, organic wine.  

How is organic wine possible?

Basically, wine is made like this, grapes are picked, crushed, and fermented. A slightly different process occurs for red wine vs white wine; red wine is produced when the pulp of red or black grapes and white wine is produced when the juices of grapes are fermented. So, this must mean organic wine is made with organic grapes? You guessed it!  

Drinking organic wine is an excellent way to help keep unnatural chemicals out of your body. Which can take any guilt out of enjoying a glass of wine with dinner every night. If you are eating organically grown produce, but not drinking organic wine, chances are you just didn’t know it was accessible. Luckily for you, it’s right at your local co-op!

What to do now?

Now is the easy part. Just head on down to New Leaf Co-op in Tallahassee, FL and start picking out some new favorites. Organic wines are sulfite-free, pesticide free, fungicide free, and preservative free! If you need help picking out a bottle, no problem! Just ask and we will be happy help you find just the right one.

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